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Romantic Autumn At Otaru, Hokkaido Japan

It was a freezing raining day in Autumn the time we drove to Otaru from Rusutsu. Otaru is an amazing and must visit place in Hokkaido, where you may get variety of shops, restaurant, museum and historical buildings. In addition to varieties of attractions, yet you can grab numerous souvenirs for your loved ones at home such as glass-wares and various music boxes from < Otaru Music Box Museum オルゴール堂 >( Click Here ), roaming around the romantic canal particularly during Autumn & Winter,<Otaru Canal 小樽運河, Otaru Unga > ( Click Here ) is highly recommended, which approximately 5-10 minutes walk straight down the main road from Otaru Street. Apart from that have yourself a cup of coffee or tea unlimited filled with a lovely Kitty's cup at <Silver Bell 银の钟一号馆>( Click Here) is one of the must do pastime being in < Otaru >, where you can own the Kitty's mug after the drink.

< Le Tao > the major landmark in Otaru as my backdrop.

Le Tao ( the famous and must try cake in Hokkaido, where their cheese cake is extremely hot selling within minutes that everyone was singing praises about it, I was the one who didn't manage to buy it, all had been sold out due to we were rather late in the afternoon. So get ready to be an early bird if you wanna try it ) locates in the center of the Otaru Street, has became one of the major landmarks in Otaru

We have roaming the town street looking for car park quite a time, anyhow we found the parking lot and parked our car. In fact the traffic was unimpeded as well as the tourists were lack, perhaps me and my honey were strange to the place, hence it took us kinda long to find a parking lot. ^^

Unceasing rain never stop our journey though....

Finally the rain stopped...Thanks God!!!

There are too many great shops selling great foods and pastry indeed...

<Silver Bell 银の钟一号馆>( Click Here),  an amazing place to stop your footsteps and have a light refreshment, apart from that a lovely Kitty's mug will be yours as souvenir after the drink, whilst enjoy gazing the walking people down on the street and beautiful vista of Otaru Street through the window from 2nd floor. The atmosphere was great enough for couple immersing in such romantic Autumn time, the rain has stopped, the road was wet, the trees were splendid with its yellowish red in color...How we wish the duration would be simply gazed, and we could seize the blessed moments with one another ever after.

Bear is one of the dreadful animal appears unpredictably in most of the region in Hokkaido, we could see numerous of admonish board stated < Beware of Bear > along the road while we were driving from one district to another. We were fortunate enough to get rid of being attacked by bear in spite of we were almost trapped in the mountain & jungle region the first day we reached Hokkaido for many routes guided by GPS had been closed due to heavy snowstorm ( Click Here ).

Many shops will start to close down at 6 pm, besides the region was getting dark soon enough during Autumn at 4 pm onward. Therefore we better hurry up our footsteps for hunting the great stuffs before too late.

Otaru shows the vary perception during night time..Still romantic, beautiful and gorgeous in a differ way...

The famous massive crab in Hokkaido, we have had it before in our hotel in Rusutsu, and that was amazingly delicious in spite of they were served cold without any condiment...

We were going to buy some authentic snacks of Hokkaido...we were allowed to taste the sample of the foods as well...The lady boss was so kind and friendly, in fact every Japanese we met in Hokkaido was extremely nice, courteous, friendly and always smile regardless of what races we are. 

Yeah! We've bought some dried scallops and dried cuttlefishes...

Every item in this shop is fair price¥1050.00, and I bought a pair of a lovely gloves.

Paying the parking ticket...

< Dried Scallop > we bought from Otaru was very yummy-licious, too bad we merely grabbed one from the store.

The dried scallop was so yummy that we could have finished it within a night in hotel.

My honey love this < Dried Cuttlefish > even more....

The beautiful night scenery of Otaru Marina from our hotel < Grand Park Otaru > room...

Ishikari Bay & Otaru Marina sight from our hotel room in the next morning...What a lovely morning with magnificent vista..

Our room unfold a truly magnificent sight through the large panoramic window, somehow we didn't have much time enjoying the picturesque scenery owing to we were rushing for our breakfast before continued our journey to Sapporo for another must visit attraction < White Lover 白い恋人 ( Click Here ) >. 

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