Wednesday, 8 August 2012

The Hell Valley (JIGOKUDANI) Of Noboribetsu Hokkaido

Noboribetsu登別市  is part of Shikotsu-Toya National Park and a city in Iburi sub prefecture Hokkaido. Noboribetsu onset is one of many well-known resorts in Japan and the largest hot spring town in Hokkaido, which ingredients are varying from one to another. And the most impressive scene at the hot spring is < The Hell Valley ( Jigoku Valley 地狱谷 ) >, where yellowish gray volcanic gas seeps from the surface vent of the rocks. This causes the entire place smell strongly of sulfur, as well as the smokey atmosphere gives it an image of hell. The valley is 450 meter diameter mouth of the volcano, which produces 3,000 liters of hot water every minute. Nevertheless supposing that hell has to be such beautifully scenes and climate, everyone will be willing to stay forever in hell including me..haha.
It was the second day we reached Hokkaido, as well as the < Hunt Hokkaido > big event day we had participated beforehand. All we have to do were comply the instruction and map given, and flag off from the hotel at Noboribetsu to another region following the treasure route & exploring the highlight attractions, as well as the check points along the way, simultaneously answer a chain of the questions in the car based on every venue we reached. It was absolutely an unprecedented experience to me and my honey, hence we certainly keen on this sort of competition yet fun exploratory journey. In fact we have had an unforgettable and challenging experience a night before, where the route we took off from Chitose Airport after taking our rental car from Toyota to Noboribetsu hotel, we had came across to a heavy snowstorm ( Click Here ) despite it was Autumn time. It caused the ruin where we have been trapped into a mountain road of nowhere for many route instructed by GPS had been closed down due to heavy snow. Despite it was a harsh and fearful experience, yet it brought lots of unforgettable memories to us somehow, which might be happened once in our life time.

Treasure hunt flag off...we needed to find the very first answer from the first checkpoint, which was a few steps away from our hotel in Noboribetsu. The weather was freezing, seemed to be snow anyway.

I was posing infront of The King Of Hell ( Yama ). We have been wandering up and down the street to find out the answer and it took us quite a time to answer them though, us, nevertheless still insisted taking numerous photos in the process of the event...haha. It's a waste for not capturing the beautiful scenes in Hokkaido.

As we reckon, the snows started to float down to the ground after a while....It was amazingly beautiful indeed, however we wishing it could stop anyway due to our treasure hunt would be getting thorny and needed to be more effort in such climate, in spite of I love snow so much ^^

Haha...Fortunately the snow stopped within minutes, somehow the weather was still icy cold. In fact < The Hell Valley ( Jigoku Valley 地狱谷 ) > was simply within a walking distance from our hotel. Therefore we decided to take some photos and roaming around the region regardless of the duration given or the exiting of the other competitor ( whom have left for the next destination ). Winning prizes ain't the major goal in our journey anyway. ^^

We were posing with the red and blue ogres, which very likely to be found everywhere in Noboribetsu. And the main feature of the summer tourist season is a cheerful festivity < Oni Hanabi ( Fireworks Of Demon ) >, held on every Thursday and Friday at the door to Hell < The Hell Valley ( Jigoku Valley 地狱谷 ) >, where the performers masquerading as guardians of the hot spring come on stage, and shoot up hand-held fireworks in a symbolic gesture to ward off the evils. Apart from that the Yama and the red and blue ogres shaped portable shrines parade around the town as ogres dance in group, and local forms of folk entertainment are performed for the crowds.

The Hell Valley ( Jigoku Valley 地狱谷 ) > car park.

In addition to the < The Hell Valley ( Jigoku Valley 地狱谷 ) >, Noboribetsu offers many other attractions such as < 登別熊牧場 Bear Farm  >, < River Oyunuma Natural Footbath >, < Noboribetsu Marine Park Nixe >, < Noboribetsu-Date Historic Village >.... However me and my honey have no sufficient time to visit them, due to we were in the treasure hunt competition the happening day, and wanna keep up with the other competitors.

The Hell Valley ( Jigoku Valley 地狱谷 ) > has its distinctive beauty perception regardless of any season. Nonetheless I think it look amazingly gorgeous and spectacular during Autumn. Undoubtedly the photos we took completely display a great splendid color of plants, thickets & groves grown on the ground of < The Hell Valley ( Jigoku Valley 地狱谷 ) > during Autumn, an awesome fusion of tender yellow, golden orange, fire red and greenish plants, thickets & groves.

Sayonara...till then, we were gonna catch up with the others to our next destination, although it was barely for us to gain the champion. Nevertheless prizes ain't our target, when the atmosphere was too magnificent to miss.

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