Friday, 28 September 2012

Fulfill Your Dreams In The Dream World Of Gold Coast, Australia

< Dreamworld > is Australia favorite theme park and one of the "Must visit" attractions in Gold Coast apart from Seaworld, Movie World ( Click Here ) and Paradise Country ( Click Here ), combining numerous worlds in one location, where you may fulfilling your dreams. As for me, I had been longing for hugging those rare & adorable native Australian animals, Koalas, which was used to be merely in my dream, as well as an live interactive moment with docile Kangaroo. Didn't all that was just a dream during our childhood? Not anymore in Dreamworld. In here you may plan your own adventure with its 13 worlds, from the tallest and fastest thrill rides, to live interactive shows and unique animal attractions, it's definitely the ultimate place for family fun. The 13 worlds includes Home To Tiger Island, The Australian Wildlife Experience, Wiggles World, AVPX, V8 Supercars Redline, FlowRider and The Big 7 Thrill Rides ( yet some of them are the tallest and fastest thrill rides in the world ), there's something for everyone in Dreamworld ever.

We had left from our hotel early in the morning like 8 or 9am by bus from our hotel, as our name has been given upon online ticketing beforehand, and the bus driver would pick up the guests as claimed by the name list at the major hotels ( and we were fortunate enough our hotel was one of major hotels, therefore we were needless to take any walk to get the bus ). 

Queuing to get our admission ticket which we had purchased earlier from website.

Sleepy face in the morning.....

Has entered Dream World finally..What a fine day, sunny & cold weather...

We were passing through a cowboy street and accessing to somewhere aimless..In fact we have no idea which direction to go firstly, every nook seemed to be novelty and fresh to us, we would have gone through every detail of it then.

Awesome weather, sunny but cold~ Simply great for outing....

Oh my God!!! Are we listed as wanted criminals??? Oh NO!!!

I wasn't dare enough to try this stimulating ride but merely took a photo with it (>.<)~ ( Left ) Taken in the morning with a clear blue sky. ( Right ) Taken in the evening before leaving.

Wanna take a ride with me???

Entering <Australia Wildlife Experience>, where you can grab a koala for photograph ( of course you need to pay for it ), a close interactive with Kangaroos as well as knowledge and experience with some other rare, unique and native Australian animals.

We were about to enter the < Koala Country > which I desired the most once entering < Dream World > despite been hugged one and taken photos earlier in < Paradise Country ( Click Here ) >.

All the Kangaroos we met in Australia were incredibly tamed, they were so docile to human, we could approach them and touch them, and they seemed to be keen on it either...They are absolutely unlikely of what we've seen from movies or cartoons, where they are very liable to get wrath upon people with their naturally kick-boxing...haha.

Haha...The little girl was waiting her turn to approach this pretty laid back kangaroo.

This Kangaroo seemed to be so relaxing in such atmosphere naturally.

The kangaroos are freedom of action being in their leisurely world of <Australia Wildlife Experience>, everyone was free to have an extremely close interactive with them...

The Kangaroos wouldn't even bother any human kind comes closer to them...You may roam with them anywhere...

They are so adorable, hopping here and there ^^

We could even feed them with fodders we bought from the counter..

They are so adorable, harmless and docile...Somehow they seemingly would never had enough with the foods we feed, I supposed it was due to they have a really huge "stomach"..hahaha...

They even grabbed my hand in ensure that I couldn't pull my hand off, for they could finish the fodders onto my palm entirely...Ouchh!!! It was kinda hurt, due to their fairly sharp claws..mamamia!!!

However one thing surprising me was Kangaroo has kinda hard furs instead of soft and smooth, which I used to presume otherwise...

Aww...The lovable Koala was sleeping soundly on the tree despite an overwhelming visitors staring at them, they yet remain the posture they used to be most of the time...

You may grab some Koala's merchandises, for instance T-shirts, toys, bags and etc.....

Aww.....Look at him, he's awake! As many know they would be in sleeping mode most of the time, therefore they are barely seen to be awake, yet I was able to snap pretty much cute motions and activities of them..

Haha...cute poses ever, the sweetie pie even hung his plump little body by only both forelegs clutching the tree trunk while having his favorite eucalypts leaves...Hope he could prop up the heavy weight of himself :)

Variety poses and movements of Koala, sometimes he/she even peeping me....Love it so much❤❤❤

Despite Koalas are solitary animals, yet from what I have observed all the while, the Koalas are always simulate to one another, they would have slept at the same time, awaken at the same time and taken their meal at the same time...everything seems to be so orderly, amazing!

Those photos seem to be so precious and rare to me, simply couldn't wait to cuddle them once again. Nevertheless I did not tell my honey how eager was I wishing to hug them again, since I had taken a photo hugging Koala in < Paradise Country ( Click Here )> a couple days ago, and it was kinda costly indeed ( due to our currency exchange rate ). However the whispers of my heart seemed to be heard by my honey, he gave me a knowing smile and leaded me to the queue for a photography with Koala once again..Oh, Honey, you are absolutely the most understanding hubby on make my dreams come true again & again.

Yes! It was our turn to cuddle Koala & photography section, they simply like a Superstar, precious, rare and protectable animal in Australia..We were fortunate enough to cuddle the Koala in < Paradise Country ( Click Here ) > as well as < Dreamworld >, for Koala in Australia had been strictly claimed as protected animal, most of the districts elsewhere in regions has forbid tourists to touch or cuddle Koalas, they could only taking photography with Koala on trees or cuddled by crews neither touching them nor hugging them, to avoid the Koalas of being infected with diseases. 

Aww....The Koala I was cuddling named Rose, I love her so dearly, she was nestle closely against my bosom, I could feel the warmness of her body, even her heartbeats, I seemed to be so trustworthy to her, I would cherish and adore her for the rest of my life if I'm allowed to...I'm gonna let anyone whom has never been cuddling Koala since always, knows that, Koala's body weight is similar to a common 2-3 month-old human baby's weight. Koala even heavier than the lamb I carried before at < Paradise Country ( Click Here ) >, which was bigger in size than her. Besides, I really appreciated the Koala-keeper in < Dreamworld > whom helped to take the photos for us, and gave us a sufficient space and extra time interactive with Rose so intimately despite the photo has been taken, she didn't even urge us to leave for the next guest but still help us taking some candid photos using our own camera while I was petting Rose. Unlike the circumstance being in < Paradise Country ( Click Here )>, where the crew would snatch away the Koala right away they snapped the photo with their camera, and followed by the next guest. That was why I still haven't had enough with Koala in spite of been hugging once and still eagerly anticipate for the second chance. Therefore I have no regrets of taking photo with Koala once again in < Dreamworld > :-) 

Acting cute~

Adorable baby smiling at me during the queue entering the < Big Red Car > rides. Yes, you are right, this ride is ought to be something for a baby or children below 10, we seemed to be too old for that...

Haha...I guess my honey was quite boring taking the musical ride with a group of babies, kiddies and seeing some colorful cartoon characters and backdrops in the meanwhile....but he has no option due to I was too afraid of taking those thrill rides, and he has to be accompany me regardless :P

Every painting and backdrop in The Wiggles World is definitely vivid, the photos taken look more lively and fascinating. 

Nickelodeon Central...

Variety games and rides for family fun entirely....

Taking a train to the next destination, anywhere will do...

We would be get off at the destination where the train brought us to.... 

Ah ha...we finally got off the train, and my honey has met up his friend, Mr Trainman, and I met my pet, Mr Crocodile..hehe...

Stopped for awhile to have some refreshment before roaming any further....and we got this, Ice Cream Parlour, despite the weather was kinda cold~

Omg! I've felt into a deep ocean..I saw a huge prawn ( or lobster perhaps, haha..), and wait a minute...Help!!! I've been attacked by a savage killer, Shark!!!

All of these games seemed to be fun, yet I ain't bold enough to take part @.@~

Yeah! My honey tried the spinning ride eventually, however the aftermath of the ride was being dizzy on the remaining day, poor honey!

Haha...Dare enough to sit next to the imposing tiger like I do? 

We were now standing on the ground of < Home To Tiger Island >, as could tell from its name, tigers are the leading and major role in here, everyone comes here for them...

Tiger Island Nursery....

Oh! The actual height of a normal tiger definitely overwhelming, luckily they aren't real, or I might be killed dreadfully. 
All the tigers were so beautiful, awe-inspiring and powerful....

Oh no! The white tiger was pooping in front of the audiences before the show get started, he was then again jumped into the water, I might guess he was trying to clean his buttock after the poop XDD.

The tigers look tamed with the keepers.

Adorable, they love the drinks...

Wow! Overwhelming size of the tigers...


Giant cat ? Tiger can climb? I hope the keepers wouldn't have trained the tigers brutally, in order to carry out those skillful performances.

Bilby, looks like a mouse with a dissimilar pair of bigger ears, yet it looks adorable. We have even donated some money for the fund to save the Bilby, a nearly extinct species.

Wombat, simply another native animal in Australia. He was hiding in his cave house the time we passed by, he just so cute....

Posing with Sponge Bob & friends...

Can anyone tell me the name of this cartoon character? The one who was so friendly hugging me ^^

Before leaving, we saw there were a couple of little girls queueing their turn to have their color- painted on their lovely. Some have butterfly on their face, some have flowers, and this girl has a beautiful rainbow on her cute little face. After all I have had a wonderful and satisfactory time fulfilling my dreams in Dreamworld, what about you?

Add:  Dreamworld Parkway, Coomera, Queensland 4209 Australia.

Tel:   +617 5588 1111
Fax:  +617 5588 1110
Toll free number from within Australia:  1800 073 300


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