Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Malacca Batu Berendam Coconut Shake, Shake Away Your Sweat

Nowadays Coconut Shake has became one of the "Must" eat foods/ beverages for visitors whosoever traveling to Malacca, in addition to their all time favorite chilling ice dessert, Cendol. The Coconut Shake was so much refreshing especially after a long day traveling under the scorching sun, so much so that the locals would have it everyday for the sake of the blistering hot weather. To whom has ever tried Coconut Shake in Thailand might rashly distinguish the massive distinct taste between both Thailand and Malacca Coconut Shake. Basically the Coconut Shake I had in Koh Samui, Thailand has very similar taste to coconut milk ( a.k.a santan in Malay ), creamy, smooth and slightly salty, whereas the Malacca Coconut Shake I'm gonna recommend in this post is more like a ice-blended drinks especially Coconut Shake Special & Double Special, you'd certainly believe that it was something newly ice-blended flavor from StarBucks or CoffeeBean. ( simply a personal view ).

The stall is simply alongside the Batu Berendam main road from Malacca town toward Air Keroh, Malacca Airport and Cheng. Despite the location next to the main road, there still have quite a sufficient parking lots attached in front of the stall, no worries of looking for car park.

The stall even located under a tall tree, thus it's kinda shady to be having your coconut shake particularly under the roof, where the seats are prepared.

We were lucky enough there has no massive crowd during our visit, in fact we have usually seen a overwhelming queue whenever we pass by. Nonetheless the queue is moving fast owing to the numerous staffs they have. 

Coconut Juice is an alternative drinks apart from Coconut Shake.

For those who never had enough with their Coconut Juice and Coconut Shake, diverse Malay pastries are seem to be satisfactory, aren't they?

The reputation of the stall is proven by this scene of a huge pile of coconuts, probably the usage amount of the day...Incredible!

They serve 3 types of Coconut Shake, Coconut Shake Biasa ( Regular ) ( Rm 2.00 ), Coconut Shake Special ( Rm 2.50 ) and Coconut Shake Double Special ( Rm 3.00 ). However as what we have been observed all the while, Coconut Shake Special is the most popular type regularly ordered by customers....Mmmm..in fact I'm the one of them too :-)

Sufficient staffs as well as an array of blenders help to make the orders done rapidly. Therefore you don't have to worry of waiting too long in spite of a mass customers.

Schhhh....Don't tell the stall owner I'm spying the method and recipe of making Coconut Shake. Firstly they put a few scoops of Wall's vanilla ice-creams, coconut juices, coconut meats and ice into the containers separately.

Following by the substances of each and every container pours into blender severally, and blend.

Blend and Blend....And it's done....

Pour into cups...

Scattered with a spoonful of chocolate chips...

Eventually a cup of Coconut Shake Biasa ( Regular ) is done. As for Coconut Shake Special will be adding an extra scoop of Wall's vanilla ice-cream as topping, as well as Coconut Shake Double Special will be adding another 2 scoops of Wall's vanilla ice-cream as topping before scattered with chocolate chips.

< Coconut Shake Biasa >( Regular ) ( Rm 2.00 ), mixture of coconut juice, coconut meats, vanilla ice-cream, chocolate chips and ice blended in one. Tastes great with its coconut and vanilla fragrant, every sip of it comes with the chocolate chips and coconut granule chewable texture. Love it on the very first sip..Tasty!!!

< Coconut Shake Special > ( Rm 2.50 ), topping a single scoop of vanilla ice-cream for additional, tastes more creamer, smoother and sweeter than regular one. For those who loves rather sweet and denser taste, this would be more suitable for you. And certainly it would be the first choice of mine compares the other two. The appropriate sweetness of the vanilla ice-cream, coconut fragrant and other ingredients are perfectly matches to each other, accurately the taste I love.


< Coconut Shake Double Special > ( Rm 3.00 ), topping 2 scoops of vanilla ice-cream for additional, an absolute satisfactory for dessert lovers. It's so creamy and smooth, densely vanilla fragrant, makes it virtually obscures every single taste and aroma of coconut, has kinda grabbed the limelight of coconut completely. To me, it's rather too rich, sweet and creamy, it's more like a melty vanilla ice-cream. However that's merely my preference and personal viewpoint, as there are still a lot more people who would be preferring this.

Location:     Opposites Malacca Batu Berendam Police Station. 2km from Malacca Airport.

Opens:        Monday to Thursday ( 12:30pm to 6:30pm )
                   Friday ( 2:00pm to 6:30pm )
                   Sunday ( Closed due to the site opens for Night Market every Sunday afternoon )

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