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Meet My Heroes In Movie World Of Gold Coast, Australia

Apart from < Paradise Country  ( Click Here ) > which in my previous post, < Movie World > is also one of the Must Visit attractions as well as the popular movie related theme park in Gold Coast Australia.  < Warner Bros. Movie World > ( more commonly referred as Movie World ) opened on 3 June 1991, it's owned and operated by Village Roadshow since the take over from Time Warner, and is the only movie related park in Australia.  < Movie World > contains various movie-themed rides and attractions ranging from motion simulators to roller coasters and slow river rides, however I tried neither of them since I am a coward I have to admit.  In addition, various costumed character performers patrol the park as well, allowing visitors and fans as us the chance to take photos with them.

Followed the queue for ticketing and entering the < Movie World > ( However we had purchased our online ticketing prior the trip, therefore we were simply queueing to hand over our vouchers to exchange the ticket ). The weather was great enough with cold wind, sunshine as well as blue sky...awesome! In fact it was merely 20 minutes from our hotel @ Suffer Paradise by bus which has daily pick up from our hotel ( whereas our name has been given during online purchasing, therefore the coach driver would approach us for whom the names were summited earlier ), and also the < Paradise Country ( Click Here ) > is simply within the vicinity.

I look short beside my hero- Batman >.<

Yeah! Eventually I've met with my hero...Pose for a photo with Batman was the major thing being in < Movie World >...My honey was so pity to accompany me wandering around the place simply looking for Batman, and my dream came true, my superhero comes to life standing beside me, he's smart, good-looking, dashing, tall and manly...In fact I wish to bring him home :P

Wanna take a ride with Batman? Don't think about it! I'm the gal who going to sit next to Batman in his awesome car, okay? Please don't mess up with him!!! LOL~

The cutest ogre, Shrek~

Shrek merchandise shop..

Oppss...The Scooby-Doo and gangs was patrolling the area, gonna wait and snap a photo of him either, after all he was my all time favorite cartoon show of my childhood..

Haha...He posed with a gesture to me while I was taking the picture of him, he's cute ^^


We were entering the < Cowboy Town >...

We seemed like a Hollywood star standing before the camera in a historical background cowboy's movie, and awaited the director shout-out loud "Camera!!! ".

In accordance with the itinerary given, there would have a cowboy show after a while, therefore we waited patiently for the real cowboy show comes out from the movie into a real life.

Lovely place and weather~

Yeah! The show has begun with a group of beautiful ladies shown up and danced in their lovely costumes.

They look gorgeous, I love their splendid costumes~

Wow! The hero has shown up, he was a tall and handsome guy indeed~

We were about entering the spooky area of Scooby-Doo. ( Above ) The grave was so creepy to have a heavy, loud and beastly breathing sound comes from the tomb, I dare not go any closer but taking photo from a distance.  ( Bottom ) I'm definitely a coward, Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster is absolutely the thing I would not dare enough to ride, scary and thrilling things are surely not my favorite at all.

So many antique cars around, however I didn't even know in which or what movie they had been shown up? Can anyone tell me?

Yeah! We were awaiting the big show in Movie World- < Hollywood Stunt Driver >. It's the most exciting and thrilling show lets the audiences knowledge and experience the making of a Hollywood movie, as well as how the stuntmen pilot their vehicles. Everything happens so dramatic precisely as a Hollywood movie we've seen from theater, furthermore this was much more authenticity than a theater movie for where we could hear such deafening sound effects clearly not from the speaker, and smell the mixtures of gasoline, coal tars and burnt odors while the show's running which we couldn't experience from a theater regardless.

Wow! Before the show was start, the camera man and Director had begun to shoot a movie toward the audiences and yet admonished us to do some gestures and actions, which the screens were became a part of the movie in a moment...See! Me and my honey has became one of the minor roles in the movie, can you spot us in the bottom photo???

Yes! The filming of a Stunt Movie has been started, it was extremely astonishing, thrilling and stimulating. You would be definitely feel the excitement in there, the stuntmen were so talent, ability and skillful in driving the cars. Amazing~

Climaxes raised repeatedly the entire show, not in the least to be awkwardly silent. We enjoyed the show to the max, love it!

Let's go, we are going to the next show....

Haha...It's < Looney Tunes Show >, kids will gonna love it~

Bugs Bunny, Tweety Bird, Daffy Duck...and many others well-known characters from Looney Tunes shown up on stage, dancing & singing...has totally recalled me of my childhood memories.

In fact it was kinda boring, however I saw all the kiddies approached toward the stage, dancing and chime in with the characters on stage in an extremely lofty state, I can tell they love the show so much, that's the wisdom a grownup has which differed from a kid I supposed.

(Above) Haha...< Lee's 李 > is my honey's surname, he surely would be posing in front of it then.  (Bottom) Shell Depot.

Where is the shoe-polisher? I guess he went out for lunch :P

Grabbed some souvenirs as well....

Marilyn Monroe, the legendary beauty of Hollywood...Despite this lovely gal wasn't her, yet she still a gorgeous lady~

We were awaiting the minor street shows which including skits and singing performance. There was many visitors started to crowded together gradually on the main street, same were we.

A comic skit of Scooby-Doo, the costumed characters were singing and dancing, the audiences particularly the kids were delighted watching the show...

Omg! My superhero was going to show up next~

Wow wow wow!!! My superhero, Batman has shown up on the street, struggled with a gang of malefactors, the Dark Knight came to life before my eyes, yeah!!!

The sexy Marilyn Monroe was so obsessing, she kept teasing and seducing some elderly while singing and dancing. Seemingly some old folks were possessed by this legendary gorgeous.

The All-Star Parade showcases costumed characters alongside vehicles and movie-themed floats coming up next. Looney Tunes characters, Shrek....

They were Stunt-Drivers, Cat Woman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern....and many more.

Last but not least, my hero, Batman....I really enjoyed my day spending in Movie World where I could experience the movies come to life with lots of magic and excitement. In spite of I didn't have the guts to ride on all those heart-thumbing thrill simulators, it was still the fantastic theme park for a grownup like me, for recalling our childhood memories as well as those charming superheroes from Hollywood movies.

Pacific Motorway, Oxenford, 4210
Opening Hours:
From 10am - 5:30pm each day
Closed Xmas day and ANZAC Day on 25 April
Daily Tickets:
Adult - $79.99
Child (3 - 13) $49.99
Pensioners -
(with Government card) $49.99
Daily bus pick up from major hotels
By Car:
from Surfers Paradise - 20 min
from Gold Coast Airport - 40 min
from Brisbane - 75 mins

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