Thursday, 13 September 2012

Refreshing Spring Water Of Mt Yotei Hokkaido, Free To Taste!!!

It was our Day 3 in Hokkaido, which we have had our < Hunt Hokkaido ( Click Here ) > event a day before, it was thrilling, fascinating, joyous and terrific experience we ever had. Therefore Day 3 was much more relaxing, pretty laid back journey instead, where we would have an numerous breathtaking attractions along the driving route from Rusutsu to Otaru. Took off from our luxury hotel, Rusutsu Resort, early in the morning after having a great Japanese breakfast, without wasting any moment we headed toward the vicinity attraction < Fukidashi Park >. It didn't take us long drove to the venue, which approximately 15 minutes easy driving. 

< Mt Yotei >, is an active stratovolcano located in Shikotsu-Toya National Park Hokkaido. It's also called "Yezo Fuji" or "Ezo Fuji" by locals which means "Little Fuji", due to it resembles the more famous < Mt Fuji >. It's one of the 100 famous mountains in Japan. I was lucky enough to snap its photo by accidentally when our car passed by, for that time I was lacking knowledge of it. Feel gratitude to my Japanese friend whom has telling me about it while I posted its photo on my facebook wall. 

This way to the < Spring Water Gusher >, the stream of spring water that flow from Mt Yotei which is safe to drink, deliciously refreshing and sufficient of gushing spring water comes out of a pipe is prepared for everyone to taste the spring water rather easy way.

A great atmosphere and refreshing air surrounding us far before we entering toward < Spring Water Gusher >. 

I love the atmosphere of the place...The Autumn yellowish and reddish leaves, the Winter brilliant white snow cover along path, the slippery damp paths and freezing cold air surroundings embellish the beauty of the place completely. Beware your steps while enjoying the magnificent scenes, it was so slippery. 

We were still carrying the umbrella due to the snowing climate the time we reached. However it began to stop after a while, thanks God for alleviating the situation, thus we could merely be concentrated on walking carefully and stepping firmly on ground which might cause us slippery fall.

Picturesque surroundings.....

Winter snow falling on Autumn ground, what a beautiful scene we caught....We totally enjoyed two seasons during our Autumn journey in Hokkaido, amazing~

Mu honey looks extraordinary dashing while immersing in such romantic and gorgeous atmosphere.

Walked downhill to the stream of the spring water....Beware your steps, for it was so slippery and almost caused me falling @.@

Omg! I really look chubby in this multi layers Winter outfits, nevertheless I love the cold weather instead of hot :P

Several wooden pipes were built and sufficient mugs were prepared in order to make it handy for whom wanna drink the spring thoughtful~  

Natural, down to earth and fascinating in every detail...

Hmmm...I still looked plump in my outfit...haiz~

Wow! You gotta taste it yourself the natural spring water flow from Mt Yotei, which is particularly crisp, delicious and refreshing with remarkable purity and constantly great taste every time you take a sip of it.....Some said spring waters from different geographical areas may impart its distinctive taste. In fact it's a natural product that comes from the earth and retains the same properties and qualities as its underground sources, which depending on the minerals present, water temperature and other naturally occurring factors. To me, spring water at Fukidashi Park which flow from Mt Yotei has incredibly delicious taste, I miss those tasty water now :-)

Naturally environment.....

( Above ) We have prepared an empty bottle to fill up with spring water, in order to quench ourselves along the following journey.  ( Bottom ) This is the Spring Water Gusher where an unending stream of spring water gushing out of the fountainhead, awesome! 

Ready an empty bottle filling up with those free, natural, cool, fresh and tasty spring water for our following need, so refreshing. You have to taste it yourself to bear witness what I literally described the taste of the spring water....Supposing that we didn't carry an overloaded luggages, we might probably brought a dozen bottle of spring water for our beloved family and friends back in hometown.

Yes! I've got a bottle full of refreshing spring water, don't envy ya!

Splendid fascinating reddish and yellowish Maple leaves during Autumn in Hokkaido....That's why Autumn and Winter always be my favorite season ever.

 Splendid scenery, fresh and cold atmosphere during Autumn...Picturesque~ 

Can any Japanese friend translate it for me :-)

Freezing cold especially after drinking those refreshing cold spring water....Need something immediate warmer drink...

Ordering a cup of coffee which strongly recommended by the local, for nothing but it's made by spring water....Surely we have to try it regardless ^^

¥250 each cup...

My honey have himself a cup of coffee which made by the spring water, taste any different? Mmmm....I couldn't tell owing to I'm not specialized in coffee nor fond of coffee kind of person. Nevertheless it worths to try particularly during this freezing climate in Autumn time, it would definitely warm our body in order to continue another long journey driving to < Otaru ( Click Here ) > in a cold spell. 

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