Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Mix Vegetable Sausage Pizza Bread 混合雜菜香腸披薩面包

< Mix Vegetable Sausage Pizza Bread 混合雜菜香腸披薩面包 > is my own recipe. I had highly applause from my family when I first made it. It can be a pastry made for breakfast, afternoon refreshment or light supper, especially kids are gonna love it. I have even added a pile of mix vegetables as its major ingredient, hence for those kids who used to hate eating vegetables are gonna lured to eat vegetable as well while they are enjoying the yummylicious pastry, just like my niece and nephew, they love the pastry so much and showed me thumbs up on their first bite. < Mix Vegetable Sausage Pizza Bread 混合雜菜香腸披薩面包 > has a very simple recipe and easy method of making it, the ingredients are easy to get from regardless of your pantry or the neighboring grocery store. So still wonder of what to eat for refreshment? Why not try this simple but nutritious pastry for your love ones today? It's simple as 1,2,3. 

1.5 rice bowl               Mix Vegetables
4 pieces                       Sausage/ Chicken frankfurters ( Sliced )
1                                  Japanese Mayonnaise
5 slices                        Massimo breads
3                                  Eggs ( Slightly beaten )
1/4 tsp                         Salt
( P/S: The ingredients are served for approximately 5 portions. )


  1. Mingle the beaten eggs into the mix vegetables.
  2. Add 1/4 tsp salt or as preference into the mixture. 
  3. Place the bread on plate or any flat dish that you wish to put into the microwave next.
  4. Spread out some mayonnaises on breads.
  5. Pour a couple of scoops of the mixture and spread evenly.
  6. Place sliced sausages as topping.
  7. Lastly garnish again some mayonnaises and pour an appropriate beaten eggs on top of the sausage slices.
  8. Put them into microwave and cook for 3.5 minutes or more for those who love rather crisp texture. ( In fact the my recipe today is somewhat soft texture of the bread but slightly crispy on the sausage slices )
  9. Taste great when served hot or even cool-off.

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