Monday, 26 November 2012

Ruby's Resort- The Perfect Getaways For Your Fur Kids

I suppose many of the dog lovers have been ever experienced as me, encountering a vast difficulty or obstacle of bringing our beloved fur kids despite any public venue in Malaysia especially for dog, as a result of Malaysia an Islamic Country, and dog is type of prohibited animal in addition to pig in Malaysian Islamic's religious rule. Hence the dog lovers in Malaysia are unlike an overwhelming countries elsewhere allowed to bring doggie for vacations, shopping, dinning and innumerable outdoor activities. This is certainly causes an enormous pathos to me for leaving my baby, Mickey ( an extremely stick-to-mommy kind of miniature poodle ) alone regardless of being at home or boarding at pet store. Leaving him home or pet store would have given us a wretched sight and situation that we barely bear, and even causes a bad or miserable feeling thinking of our fur kids for the entire journey. Therefore me and my honey have been aborted plenty of opportunities for vacation nor outing ever since we have had our sweetie pie, Mickey. In fact we have had a large breed German Shepherd, Oscar, a guard dog long before bringing Mickey home, somehow Oscar has very much distinct character compares with Mickey. Mickey is very affectionate, obsessive to us especially me, yet has very serious separation anxiety. Nevertheless we have found a heavenly place as well as a beach retreat recently which is customized for fur kids, and surely we couldn't wait long to bring our beloved Mickey for this perfect getaway that he has never experienced before.  

This amazing and exquisite getaway for our beloved fur kids is located in Cherating Beach Pahang, Malaysia. Cherating beach is one of the beach has most magnificent shore with fine white sand, as well as a fascinating cerulean somewhat bluish green ocean on East Coast Malaysia. < Ruby's Resort > lays on Cherating Beach is pretty isolated from the crowded main road, hence it provides an extremely desolated and peaceful atmosphere lodging their resort. Apart from that, a field of view of a widely meadow and kinda private beachfront as fas as eyes can see simply before your doorway. You can barely seen any outsiders at the beachfront but solely Ruby's guests and their pets, you and your pets have no worries of being disturbed by strangers. 

< Ruby's Resort > is located at the remote beach front quite away from the main road, you could have missed the way in if being distracted. Its signboard is pretty small and inconspicuous verticals on your left of the roadside ( if you are on the direction from Kuantan to Terengganu ), hence you need to watch carefully on your right side to the fairly large signboard of < Pusat Penerangan Dan Santuari Penyu Cherating, Pahang, DM > and turn right to the path. In fact it situates at the same path heading to < ClubMed > though, they are merely forked in the bifurcation passage, whereas < ClubMed > to the right and < Ruby's Resort > to the left. It is located beside < Club Med > and < Turtle Sanctuary >. There has no tarred road directing to < Ruby's Resort >, hence quite a harsh way especially night. Nevertheless you are safe staying in < Ruby's Resort > despite its desolated circumstance.  

< Ruby's Resort > has a huge gated zone with a spread out meadow attached, where you may park your vehicle in your room vicinity as well as run your pets on. Therefore make sure you close the gate right after getting in or going out from the resort even for a short while, to get rid of any pets fleeing away from resort regardless of Ruby's or guest's pets.

Most of the kids will gonna love this Tree House, where you may have a meditation in there with no interruption from the outside world, or obsess a child play with your companions, which used to be your childhood's dream to climb up a tree house for real. However the pets are not allowed to get up the tree house, there still have some rules and regulations we have to comply. Hence we didn't manage to get up the tree house due to my Mickey is impossibly to be left down there alone.

You may totally immerse in such relaxing, fascinating and peaceful state of mind. No perturbing sound but the blasting wave and sea breeze whispering. 

Unbounded running space for ourselves, kids and fur kids...My niece & Mickey loves running on the meadow regardless of morning or evening and never seem to be worn out at all. Anyone who bringing pets along especially doggie needs running for energy consumption are free to do so, our pets definitely love seeing those vast meadows to run on. However the pet's owner please bear in mind that you should clear your pet's poops of your own accord in the resort's vicinity ( room, balcony, corridor, meadow as well as beachfront ), in order to provide a clean and comfy atmosphere to one another. 

1. A small passage hall between both rooms, for those guests who need to gather outside the room instead of balcony may occupy the tables and chairs which is prepared. 
 2. The backyard of our room, you can lay your washed or wet clothes out to dry, the clothes lines are prepared too.
3. Our room balcony, where we spent most of our time on...eating breakfast, lunch and dinner; snack-ing, family chatting, blowing Mickey, relaxing etc....Luckily our room has a spacious and even heighten balcony attached, which has more privacy roomy space that barely to be plainly visible to other passer-bys, whereas some of other type of room has very tiny balcony attached alongside the passage. 
4. <Jati> was the name of our room, it's Rm 250 plus additional surcharge of 10% on weekends Friday & Saturday ( we have 2 nights stay from Thursday to Saturday ), 20% is applicable on Eve & Public Holidays, and adding 2 mattresses ( Rm 50 each ). Each and every room has distinctive price and name such as <Angsana>, <Pine>, <Jambu>, <Meranti>, <Orchid> and many more. After all < Ruby's Resort > has up to 10 rooms of 6 different types of configurations to suit your needs. In fact the resort is pretty lack of rooms by merely 10 rooms available for guests especially during peak season. Hence it shouldn't be too crowded even if all rooms are occupied at once. In fact < Jati > is 2-pax-room, but its room is spacious enough to add another 2 mattresses. For more information about room types and rate ( Click Here ).
5. Each and every room is prepared a set of cleaning tools ( broom, mop, bucket and dust pan ), in order to make your room clean on your own, since < Ruby's Resort > is a beach front lodge, we could hardly get rid of being sandy in room even we were shoes-off. Hence we swept the room floor almost 5 times a day by our own to leave our floor shines and free of sands, where my baby Mickey could sleep on the floor in comfort. 

Nice and roomy balcony for 5 of us to have some family moments each day....

In fact the interior designs and facilities are kinda simple and no garish at all, however we came here not for the luxury stay but for the sake of our fur kids ( Including my niece and nephew )...As long as they love the place and the room is comfy to lodge, and it couldn't be more awesome to us then. However bed sheet and comforter/ quilt are not provided, guest needs to bring their own. Besides, guests are not allowed to eating and smoking in the room but in the balcony, hence please bear in mind. :-)

My baby was so curious to the new place, he was sniffing each and every nook of the room back and forth again and again. My baby, Mickey is a good boy, he wouldn't poop and pee anywhere in room but on the training pads we prepared for him. (A little advise for the guests, please clean up your fur kid's excrements in the vicinity of Ruby's Resort to leave the environment clean and free of unpleasant odors.)

He was so excited and kept roaming the balcony observing any "Creature" passing by, as well as the newly view and environment....However he loves it!

Ruby's house doggies....They are absolutely friendly and always approach toward guests. They are lovely. The black labrador's name is Stout and the cream colored labrador's name is Princess, they both are the leading roles in Ruby's Resort, somehow I can barely recall everyone else's name. :-)

They are Ruby's kitties...They pretty passionate and tamed to guests, they don't even run away nor bother whenever the guests approaching them.

They are guest's pets, despite they have distinctive breeds and sizes, yet obviously they love the place so much.

Mickey found his friend, a golden retriever next door named Jimmy, he's a friendly dog to everyone. Mickey likes him too. 

Mickey was acceptable approaching guest's pets....
Mickey was allowed to play with the guest's doggies even if Mickey grabbed their toys.

Somehow some of Ruby's pets didn't seem to be friendly to Mickey for some reasons ( Stout and Princess are exception )...Does Mickey seem to be hostile to them? I don't get doesn't make any sense ..Mickey looks small and adorable to me regardless :-)

However this brown colored dog has the most fierce character among all. As claimed by Ruby, he or she ain't too friendly to outsiders as well...We are advised not to touch him/ her like any other pets in < Ruby's Resort >.

Mickey kept swaying around me demanding to go out for could decline his wish, he's my sweetie pie always.

At the first time we let Mickey walked with leash to avoid him run wildly all over the place without control. However we were letting him off leash for the second time onward....

Look! He enjoyed running all over the place, yet he was still under control, quite a behaved boy ^^

Had some interactive moments with Ruby's doggies....

Aww....They love me and every guest...

They are definitely tamed and love approaching people. To all the dog or cat lovers, you are gonna love this place!

There's still a rule and regulation that guest's pets are not allowed to enter the cafe area, however Ruby's pets are exception. Perhaps that's the only unbearable rule we dislike, as the matter of fact the guests have to leave their pets back in room or balcony whenever we want to have breakfast or dining in the cafe, which may causes many of the pets crying all the way as staying alone in room. I suppose the rule that Ruby setup definitely for a reason, yet I still wishing that the rule can be changed. :-)

Me and honey went alone for our breakfast at the first morning, we wanted to feel the atmosphere of eating breakfast in Ruby's cafe. Since Mickey was not allowed to go in with us, we left him to our niece and nephew ( fortunately they were coming along with us, or we gotta have it back in our room then ), let them bringing my Mickey roaming the region in the meanwhile. In fact we had let the kids having their breakfast beforehand. 

We were having the  < American Breakfast > on the first day morning prepared by the kitchen which was included in our stay. Quite simple but nice ( However the menu has changed on the next morning ).

Enjoy the beautiful scenery of the landscape and sea while having your meal peacefully....Warm sea breeze whispering while hearing the sound of the blasting wave... Nevertheless we decided to have our breakfast on the next morning back in our room due to Mickey could be on our side during the meal. :-(

The relaxing and cozy atmosphere having meal in the cafe, you'll certainly encircled by a pack of pets ( especially doggies ) in the meanwhile. 

One of the cafe's corner, cats were idle-napping on the tables leisurely. You may have some freely readings here spending your time for the entire afternoon....Apart from that, some pet related souvenirs are displayed for sale either.

Cafe indoor ( perhaps Ruby and her doggies sleep in here during night time ) and reception counter as well.

Ruby even hang her favorite pets, Stout and Princess's portraits on the wall, which made by her sister Suzi. Anyone interested can reach Suzi via email or phone call or the address shown as the picture.

The natural green environment completely encompass < Ruby's Resort >. Despite everything looks simple and plain, yet very down to earth and homely perception given to anyone stay here.

Kinda spread out gated landscape right before our room....

Simply distinct types of rooms of the resort....

All the woody down-to-earth structures....I love them anyway in spite of plain...

Hence...every woody wall, pillar, board or doorpost in the resort has became a guestbook for anyone who ever lived here to leave their comments. Overwhelmingly they look lovely and unique, apparently every massage that I read were favorable and positive evaluation showing most of the guests love staying here ever regardless.

This part of the gated garden which is double fenced and has built several cement wall-like structures on it, in fact a place for those fierce doggies brought by guests, due to in room or room's balcony might not be able nor suitable to cage your ferocious pet ( as my German Shepherd, Oscar ). Hence you may leash your pet here at night or run and play with them in this region during daytime instead of the open field. Therefore we decided to bring our Oscar on our next visit, hope no ones will be complaining this. :-)

(1) Haha...There is even a footprints of Ruby's pets ( seems like a couple of cat's footprints ) on the cement floor in the cafe area.
(2) An array of cat's foods are prepared for Ruby's cats in the cafe.
   ( 3, 4, 5 & 6 ) Ruby has prepared a "Mansion" for her cats. Ruby's staffs would going to look for the running cats and cage them in here during night falls. 

( Above Left ) Ruby is so thoughtful that has built a shower place for our beloved pet in front of every room respectively, in order to bathe our pets after the playtime at beach front.
 ( Above Right ) Apart from that, yet have a couple of standing sprinklers for us to shower for leaching the sand and salty sea water all over the body after sea-swimming or some beach games before get into the room. However it is sharable and not attached to every single room.
( Bottom ) A huge hammock right in front our room, we all love it so much.

Bathing time after each and every sea-swimming and beach front playtime for my baby, Mickey. However please bring your pet's shampoo on your own.

This was the regular sight after an exhausted outing for my baby Mickey everyday regardless morning, noon or night...He would be sleeping extraordinary soundly, and his daddy as well. :-)

Dinner time at our balcony daily. 

Simply a distinctive perception during nighttime....Rather silent, tranquil and free from agony...

I love both day & night scenes though....

We all have lots of fun laying on the hammock during nighttime ( In fact daytime is too scorching to lay on here ), enjoying the night scene of the vying stars in the simply like, the world is yours!

Mickey loves the hammock so much....

The night is silent, no sound but the blasting wave, sea breeze whispering and crickets chirping. A vast stars vying in the sky so clearly unlike the urban's sky, despite the same sky we are having....
My baby, Mickey even fall asleep on the cool off marble table while we were chit-chatting to one another in the refreshing cool breeze atmosphere at night.

The activities we have during our stay. 1) Fabulous outing, 2) Bathing time, 3) Meal time, and 4) Resting time....

Our breakfast on the second morning, < Nasi Lemak >, and it's yummy. We have had it at our room balcony instead of having in the cafe as a day before...

All the dishes prepared by Ruby's kitchen are unexpectedly delicious. We rarely bought foods from outside store during our stay in there. They serve numerous great foods in their menu, surely one will suit your needs.
1) < Fish & Chips > ( Rm 14.00 )
2) < Hot Dog > ( Rm 5.00 )
3) < Hokkien Maggie Noodle > ( Rm 10.00 )
4) < Chicken Nuggets > ( Rm 8.00 )

( Above ) < Tom Yam Fried Rice > ( Rm 14.00 ) was my favorite dishes at Ruby's Resort. It was so yummylicious, I could even have it on my every meal ( lunch and dinner ). It was so appetizing with somewhat spice and sour taste, and its ingredients was plentiful. Simply love it!
( Bottom ) < Kampung Fried Rice > ( Rm 10.00 ).

( Above Left ) < Fried Rice With Salted Fish > ( Rm 10.00 )
( Above Right ) < Kuay Teow Soup > ( Rm 10.00 )
( Bottom Left ) < Egg Fried Rice > ( Rm 10.00 )
( Bottom Right ) < Ice Kacang > ( Rm 8.00 )

( Above ) There is a signboard alongside the beach stated the region 3.5 Km away from there is the nature reserve for turtles. Visitors are forbidden to have any activity from 6 pm to 6 am such as jogging, fishing, beach sports or swimming as it may be disturbing the turtles ashore for laying eggs. Please bear in mind.
( Bottom ) Please close the gate each time going out or coming in, to ensure that no one's pets are sneaking out from the resort without guidance. Ruby and the guests don't want to lose their pets, so do you right. :-)

Ruby's Resort
Lot 350 Jalan Kemaman,
Kg Chendor,
Cherating 26080,
Pahang Malaysia

GPS Coordinates:
N 04d 8.956
E 103d 24.425

Tel: +6016-938 1298
Ruby's Mobile Number: +6016-360 0009


  1. wow looks fun and comfy, hehe.. suitable getaway from the city. personally haven't been there, not sure when got chance. ;D

    1. Hi Sherry, thanks for the comment. Do you live in Malaysia? Do you love dog or petting a dog? If you do, you should visit this lovely place. Your pet must be love it dearly :-)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

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  5. Beautiful photos. Your husband must have been a great photographer. Thanks for giving details of Ruby Resort. Will try to bring my toy poddle there one day.

    1. You are most welcome, and thank you mumzie for the compliments. Lol~ I would want to say that most of the photos were taken by me, unless for those I was personally captured in the photos..they were taken by my hubby😜



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