Friday, 9 November 2012

The Restaurant Named After Me 小虹水饺小汤包

The solely reason we have had our lunch at the immediately adjacent restaurant ( 小虹水饺小汤包 ) I'm gonna introduce was the name of the restaurant. We were attracted by its name especially me while we were passing it by unintentionally during our walk in Ximending Taipei ( 西門町 ). Me and the restaurant do have a like-named as xiao hong ( in chinese Pinyin ), 小虹 is the name of the restaurant whereas mine is 小红, which has the same pronunciation but fairly dissimilar writing in chinese. Nevertheless it worths to try due to its fair price and location to be situated in the middle of the shopping and entertainment center in Ximending Taipei, as well as the dishes are definitely authentic. 

I was sitting underneath a giant restaurant signboard as my name given ( not exactly in the same writing ).

Kinda simple and merely outlook of the restaurant locates at one in a hundred alleys (perhaps it was) of Ximending.

They serve quite a lot of variety authentic Taiwan food that I love.

It's indeed a pretty small restaurant. However they provide air-contitioned and open-air seats, since the weather was cold enough during Autumn time, we chose to be seated on the open-air table. 

Wow! One of my favorite chinese dim sum < Xiao Tang Bao 小汤包 >, where I could barely find a nice nor the fresh-cooked one back in my country, and yet those have best taste would be most probably from some sort of high grade restaurant which certainly costs you more. However we could easily find one yummylicious freshy < Xiao Tang Bao 小汤包 > everywhere regardless of whatsoever classification of the restaurant in Taiwan

Awaiting for our orders...

Haha...We found and ordered a kinda cute-sized Fanta.

Finally our meals were served....

The signature dish of the restaurant we had ordered, < Xiao Tang Bao 小汤包 > ( TWD$ 70.00 ), couldn't wait to taste it...

Mmm....The taste was good. The tang bao was perfectly freshy cooked ( in fact an over-cooked or re-cooked dumpling will cause a hard dough texture ) with plentiful fillings, still juicy enough to remain a half spoon of broth for you to sip after savoring the dumpling. And it costs reasonable, not expensive compares others, worths to try.

< Spicy Sour Soup Noodle 酸辣汤面 > ( small ) ( TWD$ 35.00 ), was slightly sour but not even close to spicy taste. Wonder why it's given a name as Spicy Sour Soup, I didn't taste any spice even a little. Quite a disappointment of ordering this dishes, taste not well at all ( Perhaps my distinct preference of taste ).

Despite its taste ain't as great as I thought, yet the noodle's texture was good, so chewable.

< Fried Shallot Dried Noodle 油葱亁面 >( small )( TWD$ 30.00 ), ordered by my honey. The same texture of the noodle but better taste than mine, yet needs to be added some soy sauces for salty taste, or its taste would be too insipid for us otherwise.

We have had some soy sauces to be added to the noodle to enhance the salty taste. it tasted great.

< Meat Ball Soup 贡丸汤 > ( TWD$ 25.00 ). The meat balls they serve were kinda less, for solely one person portion. 

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