Sunday, 30 December 2012

Assorted Long Ice-cream @ Danshui Taiwan

When you come to Danshui 淡水 Taiwan, one of the must visit attraction in Northern Taiwan, you can easily spot most of the visitors are clasping a long-twisted ice-cream with cone in their hands. I bet this is absolutely irresistible to most of you especially girls. Without any hesitate we decided to grab one in spite of our second visit to Danshui ( Click Here ) ( we have had it before on our previous visit ) and the cold weather during Autumn

They have 6 types of flavor, green tea, honey dew, green tea & honey dew mix, vanilla, chocolate, vanilla & chocolate mix. In fact its texture isn't that creamy, it's more like a fine ice-crushed, which I find out overwhelming authentic ice-cream we have had in Taiwan were sort of ice-crushed, they doesn't creamy or smooth enough as we used to have. And that's why we call it authentic taste, right? This is the ice-cream with Taiwanese taste that you would never gonna miss.

Ordering the flavor we had picked...

Twist and twist and twist....

My honey's large Vanilla-Chocolate Mix ( TWD 25.00 ) and my small Vanilla ( TWD 15.00 ).

Yeah! I've got mine...

Wanna have one like us???

Mmmm....yummy! Completely cooling down your temperature of body in any season.

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