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Danshui ( Tamsui ), Taipei Taiwan

< Danshui or Tamsui 淡水 > Taiwan, one of the must visit attraction in Northern Taiwan. In fact it was the second time we visit the place. In addition to its Old Street which packed with lots of delicious authentic foodstuffs and souvenirs, < Danshui or Tamsui 淡水 >  also unfold a massive magnificent scenic spots within the vicinity, such as Bali ( 八里 ) and Fisherman's Wharf 渔人码头 ( Click Here ), which, may reached by walk, taxi, bus, ferry boat, or even rent a bicycle. We've been omitted the chance of getting to Fisherman's Wharf ( 渔人码头 ) on our previous trip to Dansui which unfold an enchanting sunset vista for every sundown. Therefore we were here again for experiencing a romantic stroll at < Fisherman's Wharf 渔人码头 ( Click Here ) >.

We were in the MRT Station in Ximending early in the morning after breakfast. As our schedule of the day, Dansui ( or Tamsui ), which was our second time visit.

In the MRT....

Reached Dansui ( Tamsui )....It's most easily accessed from Taipei by taking MRT Tamsui ( Red Line ) to its northern end at Tamsui Station. The ride duration is approximately 40 minutes from Taipei Main Station.

It was a sunny day...pretty lacked of people whom do their outdoor activities under the scorching sun indeed.

Vary from European and any other western country, most of the Taiwanese are simply like many Asian people ( Like me either ), as far as possible would never fond of any outdoor activities under such scorching sun. These sun-drenched vastly open-space ought to be a great place for jogging, running the pets, biking, strolling for many western countries. Somehow it merely starts to be crowded when sundown for our Asian people..haha!

There are an array of souvenir shops, restaurants, cafes, street foods along the riverside.

What a sunny day we have...I was gonna sunburnt anyway! Oh my god!!!

< Preserved Iron Egg 铁蛋 > is one of the must try Taiwanese tradition food in Dansui. It has even much more harder texture compares with normal preserved eggs, and that why it's called < Iron Egg >. Somehow it doesn't taste good to me, kinda depends on individual preference I suppose. ^^

Instead we were taking a stroll to its Old Street, which, shelter from scorching sun....

< Dansui Old Street  淡水老街 > is a pedestrian shopping area located along Dansui River, offers a wide selection of restaurants, food stalls, souvenir shops and many others...

In fact the stroll through the entire Old Street from head to end doesn't take long unless you wanna take a seat in one of the restaurant, cafe or stall. I suppose it merely took us about half an hour time.

This Super Long Ice-Cream ( Click Here ) is one of the must have in < Dansui Old Street > hence you'll see one third of the pass-by visitors are grabbing one in their hands. ^^

This was the second time we came to Dansui whereas the first time was with my cousin a-year back.

Have a stroll through the Old Street while looking for the way to < Fisherman Wharf  ( Click Here )>.

An ancient-look temple within the vicinity, as Dansui boasts many historical attractions due to its history background. However we didn't manage to explore the region entirely due to we intended to get to < Fisherman Wharf ( Click Here ) > which is located further downstream from the town as what we had planned earlier.

So many art pieces along the way to the riverside...

Many ocean affiliated art works all over the region....

Due to its close proximity to Taipei city, Dansui has became a most-liked destination for the city dwellers to take a stroll or relaxed along the riverside regardless of days or nights.

Dansui is always packed with people/ visitors from all over places, regardless of foreigners or locals....

Ticketing....There are several ways to explore the region or get to < Fisherman Wharf  ( Click Here ) > & < Bali >...on foot ( this maybe too exhausting for some flabby people like me, lol~), by boat, by bus, by taxi or by bike ( several shops on the main road provide bike-rental which normal rate might be TWD 300.00 for a day. Guess this is the most romantic way of all particularly for a tandem bike ). Eventually we choose to embark instead of others, it merely took us approximately within 10 minutes to get there. 

Yeah! We have bought the ferry round-trip tickets to < Fisherman Wharf 渔人码头 ( Click Here ) > ( TWD 120.00/ pax ). 

One of the ferry piers....looks lovely!

Photo shots at Dansui waterfront while awaiting to on board...

Yes, time to on board the ferry...

Let's go on board now!

Before we went on the boat....

The ferry boat to < Fisherman Wharf >....

The nightfall at Dansui waterfront....magnificent! We returned from < Fisherman Wharf 渔人码头 (Click)  > to Dansui Old Street when the sundown after viewing the beautiful sunset. 

Enjoyed some authentic street foods before leaving, < Boneless Chicken Chop ( Click Here ) > and < Seafood-Crisps ( Click Here ) > are strongly recommended. 

People didn't seem to be any less at nighttime....

Wow! I could see the half-moon....Bye for now, Dansui ^^

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