Sunday, 30 December 2012

Fragrant Crisp Shrimp & Crab @ Danshui Taiwan

< Fragrant Crisp Shrimp 爆香蝦猴 > and < Fragrant Crisp Crab 爆香一口蟹 > is one of the "Must Try" snacks in < Dansui, Taiwan ( Click Here )>. It tastes appropriate salty, slightly spices with ground pepper, crispy with mixture of green onions & some crunchy-fried anchovies. The savory ingredients match one another perfectly. 

The store is located at the Dansui Waterfront. While we were returning from < Fisherman Wharf ( Click Here ) > after viewing its beautiful sunset, we caught the fragrances of these snacks when we were heading MRT to get back in Taipei town. In fact we had tried this before on our first visit, but unsure of if it was the same store we went to. Nonetheless they all are uniformly taste great. 

The hot crisp shrimps look extraordinary tasty under those warm lights.

The crisp fragrant crabs look horrific to me especially their legs ( As a matter of fact I am afraid of those species which have more than 4 legs such as cockroach, spider, butterfly and many more fairly big-sized insects except flies, ants and mosquitos...moreover crab always looks like spider to me due to its legs >.< ), but it really tastes good. I ask my honey removed their legs and put into my mouth without eyeing them. It's salty and slightly spicy with its pepper powder, appetizing pretty much. 

Fragrant Crisp Shrimp 爆香蝦猴 > ( TWD 80.00 ) and < Fragrant Crisp Crab 爆香一口蟹 > ( TWD 80.00 ). You may also mix both in one like we did. 

Wow! One huge bowl for merely TWD 80.00...It was more than enough despite two of us.

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