Sunday, 30 December 2012

Juicy Boneless Drumstick Chicken Chop 無骨雞腿排

I never thought I could use "Juicy" as an adjective for a chicken meat. However this < Boneless Drumstick Chicken Chop 無骨雞腿排 > is undoubtedly worth this description for sure. It tastes real great with appropriate amount of seasonings, as well as the succulent meat texture, so tenderly juicy, but somewhat crispy-skinned edge. It looks plain without garish nor various fiddly seasoning, but tastes down-to-earth. It's a Must Try street foods in Dansui 淡水 ( Click Here ). The stall is located at Dansui Waterfront, which has very close proximity to the dock of departing and returning from < Fisherman Wharf 渔人码头 ( Click ) >. 

It was kinda late when we were returning from < Fisherman Wharf ( Click ) > after viewing the amazing sunset. While we were about to leave, an extreme exotic odors assail our nostrils when we were passing by this < Boneless Drumstick Chicken Chop 無骨雞腿排 > stall. The scent indeed tempting and makes us drooling very much. Therefore we were certainly wanna have a try to ensure it tastes as good as its fragrance. 

Instead you may have other options such as beef and pork chop. Perhaps you may tell me how's it taste like. ^^

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