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A Simple Place But Not Simply Stay

During me and my honey second Free & Easy trip to Taipei, Taiwan on Oct 2012, we have very basic requirement on accommodation which could be a simple but clean and convenient hotel for lodging. It is quick access to the city myriad attractions, landmarks, shopping, nightlife, sightseeing hub of Taipei. Despite bustling, it perturbs none of your sleep or rest though, you may definitely enjoy your tranquil moment throughout your stay. We didn't spend much time in hotel though, for vividly and thoroughly exploring Taiwan which we might have missed out on our previous trip. Therefore a simple but cozy place would be great enough for nurturing and refreshing our spirit and vigor for the journey next day. After quite a time surveying hotels which to be complied with our basic requirements, we came across with this hotel named < A Simple Place ( ASP ) >. It's pretty overwhelmed with good & positive guest's reviews on many website though. Apart from that, it values for money, economic, convenient, free WiFi in room & various facilities allocated.  

Due to flight delayed, we reached Taipei approximately midnight at 12am ( The photo was taken on the next morning ). The taxi driver could barely find out the hotel indeed owing to the hotel we were gonna lodge in has no signboard at all ( The pink-painted shop lot as shown in the picture ), and not even a name was found but merely the doorplate. 

Everything we found on the shopfront was definitely as simple as the hotel name given. However we were surprisingly welcomed by the hotel owner, Thomas, once we got out the taxi. Forthwith he came out and approached us with warm hospitality to greet us and carry our pretty heavy & huge luggages. We were amazed that he was expecting us despite midnight. According to him, he knew our flight has been delayed since he would keep on updating every checkin guest's flight info from airport on the very day. What a thoughtful service provider, thumbs up!!! 

( Left ) The main doorway is attached with a security auto lock system, which, every guest needs to get in the hotel by scanning their room key or pressing a password given. Despite its rating, it comparable with or transcend those 5 stars hotel regardless of friendliness or security measure, which, I presume it fairly surpass in many aspects. ( Right ) A very tiny and simple reception counter, yet big enough to provide an attentive, friendly & hospitality services to all the guests.

The lobby despite narrow, is fascinating enough for guests capture as many photos here, particularly the very image of world map binding with diverse and varied photos of utterly different kisses of nations from all over the world, different races, different stages and different occasions but with the very same meaning and outset which is nothing but LOVE. 

Aren't the photos lovely? Kisses between lovers, kisses of young children to elderly, kisses between friends, kisses with devotion, tenderly kisses.....just name it.....

The receptionist a.k.a the hotel owner wouldn't be available all time at the counter, yet we are welcomed and able to reach them in certain number given regardless of anytime in a day. They are so attentive and considerate after all.

Kinda weary after deplane in the midnight....and we starved.

Thomas, the hotel owner who was on night duty during the very night we reached and undoubtedly he has done his bit conscientiously. Besides, his wife, Naomi, also a friendly, attentive and helpful person. They will try their great effort for helping or granting whatever is asked for. Thomas, who is extremely kind that despite late night, yet has walked us to the neighboring Ximending shopping distinct where is the 24hours-operation-Watson's Pharmacy Store located.

The small elevator is sufficient for room guests since there is not many room in ASP. It merely 4 floors available ( 2nd floor - 5th floor ) for guests, and every floor has merely 3 or 4 rooms. Hence guests are sparse even if the hotel is full house.

Some useful informations was pasted on the wall of the elevator. Apart from that, if you need any information of going anywhere, please do not hesitate to ask the person in charge. They do not mind to instruct you patiently and try their great effort to get the information from website, print it out and deliver to you, or paste it on your room door, hence when you open up your room door the next morning, you'll get everything you ask for. All I can say is the services they give to their guests can't be any better. We will certainly come again for staying whenever I come to Taipei for the sake of these kind of 5 stars customer service. :-)

Simple, nice and unique decoration on respective floor....

It's very simple but nice, isn't it?

Every room itself has very tight security system no matter for opening the door from outer or inner. Therefore for those single lady who loves to travel alone, ASP is absolutely the prefect place to lodge. 

( Above ) The first room we stayed for the very first night we reached before moving to Jiufern on the next day.
( Bottom ) The second room we stayed after 2 nights stay in Jiufern and returned to Ximending for the following days.

The first room we stayed was kinda spacious and cozy.

A modeled on antique telephone on bedside cabinet. Nice!

There has no dressing table but merely a desk in each room. However 2 bottles of complimentary mineral water are given daily and hot water dispenser is provided, which guest may refill the hot water anytime from the pantry on top floor, as well as unlimited various tea bags, coffee bags, sugars & creams are available. Besides a pack of complimentary snack ( different flavor as well ) is placed on the desk daily for guests.

Although the washroom is kinda simple with no bathtub but merely shower, yet it's clean enough and fundamental essentials is acquired as well. 

Despite simple, guests may obtain their basic needs as bath towels, hand towels, hairdryer, shampoo, body wash, disposable sandals, tissues...........

.........toothbrushes, shower cap, razor, comb, cotton buds, oral hygiene it.

We were so glad to have such comfortable niche on the first day we reached Taipei to refresh either body or soul, as for we were gonna start our unrelenting journey henceforth, nothing is better than have an excellent quality sleep. Nonetheless our bellies were both starving so much, hence we were getting out and hunting for foods in the vicinity convenience store, 7 Eleven, which we know Taipei's 7 Eleven sells variety of instant foods or frozen local foods with reheat service as well. Besides, there is a large Watson's Pharmacy Store opens 24hours located within a walking distance from our hotel, and as many know Taiwan is well known with its native and various skincare products and cosmetics which are inexpensive but with favorable criticism. Therefore despite late night, hunger and weary, my honey still accompanied me to Watson's and have some shopping for hours. 

Yeah!!! Has bought our super late suppers from 7 Eleven.

This was the numerous of local foods we could get from regardless of 7-Eleven or within the vicinity stalls at Ximending ( In fact there are a lot more ) during our stays in ASP. We loved to buy numerous local foods and bring back to the hotel, enjoyed them and the 100 over of  Taiwan TV channels in the meantime.

You may use the elevator or stair, after all the hotel is small not many floors are available.

This is the hotel PC for guest's use with free WiFi. It's available 24 hours, for those guests who wanna use it may go to the top floor. Despite WiFi is available on every floor and room, we may online anytime using our smartphone, yet I need the PC for installing all the photos captured during the past few days, in order to have more available space in my camera's SD card for the following days use.

Beautiful and cozy decoration despite small, and with a reading section and some books. You may spend some reading time here while waiting for your laundry. 

The laundry is attached with washing machine, dryer, iron, iron board, sink, and all the cleansing products. Feel free to use them. 

Attached with window ledge for guests to have their coffee or tea while enjoying the street view as well as waiting for their laundry, or for those guests who urge to smoke may have their smoke at the open-air wooden smoking area. 

The depot on the top floor has sufficient complementary beverage commodity for guests, you may either have your coffee or tea here or back in your room. If you need any crockery as mug, plate or bowl, you may get them here but ensure that you will clean and wash them afterwards of your own accord before return to the original place for convenient one another. 

For more information, kindly visit A Simple Place Facebook Page

ASP ( A Simple Place Ximenting Taipei )
Tel:  +886-2-23832816
Fax: +886-2-23832815
Add:  臺北市萬華區西寧南路215号,西門捷運站1号出口步行2分钟 ( Sorry, I can't obtain the address in english, for more information may reach the contact number or email address. The person in charge Thomas & Naomi are good and speak well in english ). 


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