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Special Grass Jelly With Granulated Brown Sugar Cooling Dessert @ Jatujak Bangkok

It was a very scorching hot day, while we were shopping at one of the "Must Visit" market, Jatujak Weekend Market, in Bangkok for the 3rd time. It always seems to be shopping spree despite the weather. However cooling dessert or beverage always the most irresistible thing after a half day unrelenting shopping for our plunders. By coincidence we were passing through this stall that I'm about to introduce. Sorry for not knowing its name since it was all in Thai, but I have taken the photo of the door plate of the stall ( Please scroll down to the bottom which the door plate is shown in the final photo of the post ).

Look at all those drooling summer drinks & desserts particularly after an whole day shopping in the humid day! Grass jelly is one of the common dessert to relieve summer heat for most of the Tropical country.

In fact from the menu we got from the stall, there was merely 3 desserts/beverages are sold. < Grass Jelly Mix Milk >, < Grass Jelly Mix Tea > & < Grass Jelly Herb >. Apart from that nothing else from the menu board on wall I could comprehend as all in Thai language. Nonetheless that was more than enough to us, in addition to 3 of the beverages on the menu indeed seemed to be our favorite drinks and desserts, yet they looked fairly special & different from what we accustomed to have in our country.

The stall indeed is simple and unadorned, however it couldn't be better for most likely collapsed people as us to stop on the way for a rest....haha..

The stall was rather narrow, seats were limited, yet we were lucky enough to get one.

< Grass Jelly Mix Tea > ( 25 baht ). It tastes similar as Pearl Milk Tea, but it has rather bulky crushed ice instead of fine crushed ice, and with grass jelly added instead of tapioca pearl granule. Honestly speaking it isn't in the least inferior to the currently tip-top teahouse in Asian as expected. Apart from that, its price is kinda reasonable which merely costs approximately half the price of those well-known pearl milk tea I supposed. Besides their grass jelly was quite special and great texture which is fairly chewy and firm texture ( somewhat tapioca pearl texture ), totally differ from what I used to have in my country which has rather softer and mushy texture. It definitely prevents heatstroke & cooling our body temperature instantly. 

< Grass Jelly Herb > ( 35 baht ). It is a crushed-ice with fairly chewy grass jelly chunks and granulated brown sugars. This is absolutely one of the must-try cooling desserts in the region. I have eaten so many desserts with brown sugar added, but none of them are similar to this. As a matter of fact, an overwhelming desserts in my country are accustomed to add with brown sugar "Syrup" but never with "Granulated" brown sugar since always. And as expected, it was very tasty and has extremely unique texture of granulated brown sugar despite somewhat bulky crushed ice ( it would be better if comes with fine crushed-ice ), the ingredients are match perfectly to one another. And I suppose if it was made of brown sugar syrup, it ought to be rather ordinary and mediocre in taste as what we used to have. Therefore this is a "Must Try" cooling dessert if you visit the store.

A jar of "Granulated Brown Sugar" on every single table is free for unlimited adding. From what I had observed within the period of dining, many native diners which were occupying adjacent seats to us loved their < Grass Jelly Herb > to be overwhelmed by adding heaps of brown sugars. In spite of great & special taste of granulated brown sugar, what was already had in our bowl was appropriate, we were not going to add any. However it depends on individual preferences ^^

Mmmm....Nom nom, so tasty and quenching, and you can tell by looking my hubby's

This the doorplate of the store @ Jatujak Weekend Market ( Chatuchak ), Bangkok Thailand.

Chatuchak Weekend Market,
10900 Bangkok

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