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Have A Sumptuous BIG Portion Of American Foods With Your Fur Kids

Yeah! We came to the totally "Pet-Friendly" < Kalamazoo Restaurant & Cafe >...Oppsss..Don't be misunderstood, it ain't the city of Michigan in United State a.k.a the home to Western Michigan University, but simply the name of a restaurant/cafe which located within Selangor region in Malaysia. As many dog lovers in Malaysia know, it would be too hard to find an eatery we could bring our beloved fur kids along with us for dining in our country, especially air-conditioning indoor seats. However I found this place from the pet's magazine < Pets Times Magazine 寵物時代 > by chance. It's designated that small breed dogs are absolutely welcomed to the indoor seat, but considering the matter of room capacity & empathize with other diners, large breed dogs are merely allowed al fresco dining. Nonetheless it would be great enough for me. ^^

My baby Mickey & < Kalamazoo Restaurant & Cafe > menu. In fact < Kalamazoo > serve a range of American cuisine which is absolutely huge in portion ( at least to me ^^ ). Many will ask ( as well as me ) why was the restaurant/cafe named after one of the city of U.S? The answer is the owner of restaurant as well as the other shareholders are the former students of the University in Kalamazoo, Michigan of U.S, and returned to home country at 7 & 8 years back successively. I suppose they must be reminiscing the memories in Kalamazoo University as well as the local foods, thus they serve very authentic American Foods. Besides the person in charge cum owner of the restaurant and the other three of the shareholders as well are definitely dog/pet lovers, thus with no hesitation they claimed the restaurant as pet friendly in order to let all the fur parents have more dining places for their fur kids. 

My beloved ones ❤❤❤

Me & my hubby were so glad to have an indoor dinner with our fur babies....

Me & my both precious babies, Mickey & Minnie ❤❤❤

Minnie with daddy...

Mickey says," Mommy, can I order my food now? ".

< Kalamazoo > indoor designs, simple & cozy with its warm color. I kinda like it ^^

Every single decoration & detail is about Kalamazoo, Michigan Of United State

The memory to be cherished of the good old days in Kalamazoo, Michigan has to be hung up on wall for sure...

A lot of reading materials are quite enough for the solo diners to spend hours tranquilly. 

What a pitiful face my baby Mickey shown to mommy...Poor baby, you can't eat the foods here even though you and Minnie are allowed to be seated inside, those human foods ain't good for you & Minnie...How I wishes the restaurant has a special menu for fur kids, so that mommy could order some healthy foods for you & Minnie....Hope they can can give a serious consideration to this matter. :-)

Our meals are served...

< Walk Of Life > ( Rm 20.90 )

< Fish & Chips > ( Rm 19.90 )

< Walk Of Life >, an absolute huge portion triple decker burger, absolute American Style burger tower trend. I like it even though I couldn't even finish it all by my own. It has 3 different slices of meat patties in one triple decker burger, chicken, pork & beef. And it was surprisingly each & every kind of meat matches one another perfectly. 

Huge burger tower < Walk Of Life >.

Mmmm....The savory < Walk Of Life > makes me drooling...

Each time a mouthful of 3-slice variable meat of chicken, pork & beef, what a satisfaction. ^^

Triple decker....

I was almost full in this stage....despite it tasted real good.

A-Not-Too-Light awesome sandwiches menu < All American BLT > ( Rm 9.90 )

All American BLT > is absolutely an awesome refreshment for those who don't wanna eat too heavy between meals ( in fact it still comes in kinda huge portion ). The bacons are moderately cooked, never to be hard nor crispy texture that I don't like. It matches the tomato & salad perfectly, crunchy vege & chewy bacon texture are the perfect

< Chicken Ham Aglio Olio > ( Rm 15.90 ), looks insipid and not inviting at all but tastes fantastic.

I never would have thought this < Chicken Ham Aglio Olio > could be so tasty & appetising if I've never tried it myself. It totally look insipid due to the sauce comes in too pale in colour, however never taste never know. I didn't eat spaghetti ( in tomato sauce ) too often owing to its taste & the spaghetti texture, somehow this aglio olio tasted extremely great despite kinda hard in texture ( yet kinda chewable ). The chicken ham as well as the spaghetti are completely saturated with its sauce, which comes with moderate oil & spices. Bravo!!!

< Cappuccino > ( Rm 6.90 ) gluttonous baby Mickey is drooling to gaze at mommy's huge burger....

Mickey: " Mommy, can I have some? "
Mommy: " No, baby...You can't eat this human food, it ain't good for your health. "
Mickey: " use for me to keep looking at the food, I better turn away.. "

There are too many optional main courses, starters, snacks, soups, Beverages, Desserts, as well as kiddy meals for your choice...

Baby Mickey kept observing the guy at the counter, he might be thinking that, " Will he bringing something yummy for me later? "

I was too busy taking the photos of my babies & the restaurant at the meantime while having my meal...

The backward glances of my baby Mickey. 

Mommy loves you so much, baby!

Hugs & Kisses...

Tastes Of America, try it today!

It's "Non Halal"

You may choose to dine al-fresco instead of indoor..

With my beloved ones at < Kalamazoo > ❤❤❤
So why not bring your beloved fur kids to < Kalamazoo > today for some intimate dining moment instead of letting them home alone miserably while you are enjoying the sumptuous and mouthwatering American Cuisine. ^^ 

My precious baby Mickey ❤❤❤

Daddy & precious baby Minnie ❤❤❤

 Cafe Kalamazoo
 AG-36 Jalan PJU 1/43
Aman Suria Damansara
47301 Petaling Jaya

Tel: 03-78051436

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