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Shihfen Station-The Happiness Journey Of The Origin Of The Sky Lanterns 十分。幸福。天燈 ( 孔明燈 )

< Shihfen Station 十分車站 > a.k.a < Happiness Station 十分幸福站 >, is one of the stations which sits alongside Pingxi Railway Route. Beforehand we had purchased 2 of the 24-hour tickets which allowed us to hop on and off the train at any station along Pingxi Railway Route ( Click Here ) within a day. Shihfen is one of the most popular "Must Visit" place in Pingxi District. Why? In addition to its romantic & beautiful "Nickname", it's also the origin of the Sky Lantern 天燈 (孔明燈) which attract tremendous visitors from other countries as well as other regions withinTaiwan itself.  In fact "Shihfen" literally means "Very" in Chinese word, thus it was also given a name "Shihfen Xingfu Station" which literally means "Very Happiness Station", therefore lovers/couples from all over the place believe that they can be very much in deep conjugal love as well as obtaining an eternal happiness for one another once they step in the region. Besides, write down your prayers on the Sky Lanterns and fly them up high to the sky is also one of the "Must Do" things in < Shihfen > to make your dreams come true. 

Yeah! We reached < Shihfen >, which, our most desire station among the rest on Pingxi Railway Route

I love the figurine of the station master, so cute ! ^^

<  Shihfen Station 十分幸福 >

<十分幸福 > Everything about "Happiness" ❤❤❤

The food stalls, cafes, souvenirs shops...sit alongside the railroad, we needless to go further nor far away from the station to explore the region.

People comes and goes....

We grabbed some very yummylicious street foods from the stalls as < Stuffed Chicken Wing With Fried Rice ( Click Here ) > & < Pork Fillet & Pork Sausage >, we were too hungry to wolf down our foods in hand right away after one day tiring railway journey.

Despite the light pastry we have had once detrain, we still needed fairly decent rest for more refreshments somehow. If I wasn't mistaken, this was the one and only cafe within the region. In fact we didn't go any further, this cafe was the nearest to the station, and it's named < 月台咖啡 Platform Coffee >.

Simple but cozy design with a massive photo of Sky Lantern on wall...

The generous shop owner is an absolute magnanimous person, a notice of "Outside Food Is Allowed" was clearly indicated on its doorway. 

<十分幸福, 天燈發源地 >. Shihfen, The Origin Of Sky Lantern.

The landmark...

A guide map to Shifen Waterfall, which is merely 30 minutes walk from the station. Since the night has almost down and we were lacking of time for our Sky Lantern-flying, thus we didn't manage to walk down the waterfall....perhaps next round. 

It was drizzling, hence the sky became fairly foggy and gloomy...

< Shihfen Old Town > & < Shihfen Train Station >, to grab some souvenirs and for Sky Lantern-flying, we need to go left to < Shihfen Old Town >....

< Shihfen Old Town > is merely a 2-arrays of old buildings situated along both side of the railroad. And the railroad is also the Sky Lantern-flying venue. What an outstanding & romantic scene with utterly different perception of floating the lantern in the middle of the rail track. 

Gonna take more photos on this lovely and nostalgia township. I simply love the aesthetic perception of the rail track that crossing through the township , which, merely one feet distance apart from the alongside shops especially during this sort of drizzling day, it seemed to be rather romantic, poignant & beautiful.....Love the artistic mood regardless.

Sun was setting down, the region was getting illuminated by beautiful spangle golden & yellowish lights one after the other....

One of the "Must Do" thing in Shihfen, the "Sky Lantern-Flying". There have variety color to choose in a single lantern of Red, Yellow, Blue, Purple, Green, White, Orange, Pink ( TWD 100.00 ) or 2 colors in a single lantern ( TWD 120.00 )... as well as a multi-color ( TWD 150.00 ) like ours which consists of 4 colors in one..Red, Blue, Yellow & Pink. 

Distinctive implied meaning for the colors respectively. 

Written down our wishes for our beloved ones and ourselves as well. 

(1) Pink for "Happiness & Good Fortune". 
(2) Red for "Health & Safe"
(3) Blue for "Career & Business"
(4) Yellow for "Wealth & Prosperity"

Are you ready? Make it fast before the train

The Sky Lantern with all our devout written wishes has been lighted up, we were gonna fly them to the sky and say the prayers with wholeheartedly in the meantime, where, the Lord may read them in heaven and fulfill our wishes for our beloved one and to be live happily ever after. ^^

Yeah! Let it float up to the heaven and may all our wishes come true ❤❤❤

It was floating and floating away, kept soaring beyond and out of our sight.....

Before leaving, don't forget to grab some "Must Buy" souvenir. Sky Lantern key chains, Sky Lantern handphone accessories, Sky Lantern lamps, Sky Lantern pens, Sky Lantern pencils...and all sort of lovely things about Sky Lantern. 

These are some souvenirs we had bought for ourselves, family & friends....

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