Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Have You Had Your Brunch Yet?

It has been the 2nd or 3rd morning we stayed in < A Simple Place ( Click Here ) >, yet we have no idea there was a great place where offer various of great "Brunch" just a few steps away from our hotel. Perhaps our schedules a couple of days before were kinda rush, which we needed to set off from hotel very early morning each day, and didn't really have much time stroll down the neighboring stalls/restaurant. Luckily we woke up late on the very day since we have no bustling schedule but merely stroll down the vicinity shopping area-Ximending

While we were surveying & hunting for our brunch ( It was approximately 11am, it was heck no for us to have a breakfast elsewhere ), we came across this pretty small restaurant < 美味堡 Good Morning Brunch > which was merely next door from the hotel we stayed ( The shop lot in pink paint color was our hotel whereas the shop lot with orange color signboard was the Brunch restaurant ). We should have noticed this earlier. @.@~

< 美味堡 Good Morning Brunch > opens daily from 6am to 2pm. They offer breakfast, brunch, beverage & light foods.

The warm orange color of its signboard is kinda inviting.

Mmmm....The savory foods on the frying place were so tempting, after all we were too hungry. ^^

There have more than 8 types of "Brunch" set, besides you may order a variety a-la carte items on the menu. From eastern to western, from main courses to desserts, from noodles to toasts, from foods to beverages, it certainly one will suit your taste buds.

Mmmm....Due to plenty of options, it's kinda headache while choosing my set brunch...

What a lovely tea cup.....

Yes, our meals were served...couldn't wait to wolf down every single of them. 

I have ordered set no 7 ( TWD 80 )- 1 black tea/ milk tea/ green tea, 1 cheese carrot cake, 1 pork chop & 1 scrambled egg. For those who are staying in the same country as me, you would never know how tasty can be a carrot cake 萝卜糕 comes with a slice of melty cheese. In Malaysia, carrot cake always stir-fried with eggs, it's a very common authentic street food of our native chinese. Hence when this Asian carrot cake comes with the Western cheese, I was expecting a completely weird taste, yet I still wanna had a try on it and to prove how weird could it be. However I was so wrong, it was surprisingly savory and tasty, I didn't know carrot cakes and cheese can be so matched to one another perfectly. Not forgetting the pork chop, despite thin, it didn't taste dry nor parched at all in texture. Overall my set brunch was perfectly great in taste and I was satisfied with such abundant portion.

My honey has ordered set no 2 - 1 milk tea/ green tea/ black tea, 1 black pepper/ mushroom noodle, 1 scrambled egg. Tasted nice & appetizing with its somewhat spicy flavor of the black peppers. We satisfied with our brunch of the day thoroughly, and had no regret to choose it as our first meal. Since then we have gained more energies for the following shopping schedule. It's even value for money, thumbs up!!

Good Morning Brunch
No 209, Xining South Rd,
Wanhua District, Taipei City,
Tel:  02-23713385
Business Hour:   5:30am to 2:00pm 

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