Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Yummylicious Roasted Stuffed Chicken Wings With Fried Rice @ Shihfen 十分溜哥燒烤雞翅包飯

Is this a chicken? Or it's a fried rice? Yes, it is both you do have mentioned. It's < Roasted Stuffed Chicken Wings With Fried Rice 溜哥燒烤雞翅包飯 >, which, the fragrant hot-roasted chicken wings stuffed with aromatic fried rice/ stinky tofu with vegetable. The stall is located merely few steps away from < Shihfen Station ( Click Here ) >. Hence you can easily spot the stall right away you detrain at the platform. We were indeed awfully hungry by the time we detrained due to it was ought to be our dinner time, and not to mention we had skipped our lunch at noon either. Looking for foods was the major and first thing we did, thus this, the very first stall next to the platform was certainly the place we were gonna stop our paces. Besides, numerous customers had been waiting in line before us compares with other stalls, hence it should have gained kinda good reputation.

There have merely 2 options for its fillings. One is Fried Rice With Ham, and the other is Stinky Tofu & Vegetables. Certainly we would choose the fried rice, due to the stinky tofu always one of the dishes we could never fond of. 

Quite a long queue indeed compares with other stalls at < Shihfen ( Click Here ) >.

Waiting in get our turn almost.

Super hot roasted chicken wings from the oven...

Look at those big fat meaty chicken wings, what a tempting!

There are 2 types of fillings to be chosen. Hence < Fried Rice With Ham > was our one & only choice, to be honest, we hate stinky tofu.. ^^

The chicken wings are sprinkled with quite a lot of sesame seeds and some sort of spices powders on top before served, you may also request for more spicy or less...

Yes, here it is....

With every bite of the chicken wing meat, you will taste the tasty fried rice with ham in the meantime, they perfectly match to one another, yummylicious! You are not merely enjoy the fragrant roasted chicken wing, you are yet to taste on an aromatic fried rice as well. You certainly to be stuffed to the gills without even using any fork nor spoon. ^^

Shihfen Station
Pingxi District,
New Taipei City,

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