Monday, 29 July 2013

Enjoy Your Meal Together With Your Fur Kids @ Lilo Art Cafe

< Lilo Art Cafe >, a perfect place for you and your fur kids enjoying a breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner together. Till date it's the only eatery I know which serves a special menu for our beloved fur kids too in addition to human foods. Apart from that, they do have a live band performance on every Tuesday night. For those who wanna find a place to hang out with friends & family and having a fine dinner and nice songs in the meantime, as well as bringing your beloved fur kids along ( if your fur kids wouldn't be terrified by loud sound during the live band night ) instead of leaving them behind at home, this would definitely a perfect place for you.

Me & my baby Mickey :-)

My precious....

My baby Mickey & baby Minnie...Mickey seemed to so excited came into a new place, however my baby Minnie didn't seem happy and enjoy the new environment, she was terrified by some sweet strangers even though they meant no harm but merely showed too much affectionate toward my little girl, who, indeed a timid girl. :-)

My babies' dinners were served. < Chicken Set > ( Rm 9.90 ) & < Fish Set > ( Rm 9.90 ). 

Baby Mickey couldn't wait to have his dinner < Chicken Set > ( Rm 9.90 ). It's served in very healthy cooking method & ingredients which is good for our fur kids. The ingredients as chicken portion, carrot, pumpkin ( I didn't see any pumpkin, perhaps it was out of stock and replaced by broccoli ^^ ), top with parmesan cheese and parsley. I've tried to taste a sip on it, and it was indeed tasteless..haha! But my babies devoured them down like a wolf. In fact I don't mind my babies' meal are tasteless as long as it is healthy with no chemical ingredients, artificial flavors nor seasonings, and certainly my babies love it ^^

Baby Minnie's < Fish Set > ( Rm 9.90 ), The ingredients as fish potion, carrot, pumpkin ( seen neither, replaced by broccoli ^^ ), top with parmesan cheese & parsley. Me as a mommy has had a taste of it either, mmmm...still insipid but healthy taste :-)

< Chicken Chop In Black Pepper Sauce > ( Rm 23.90 ). Taste good, not the best I've eaten yet much more better than an overwhelming eateries I've been before. ^^

My niece's < Fried Rice > ( Rm 10.90 ). She said it was good.

My nephew's < Curry Chicken Rice > ( Rm 12.90 ). He said it was good in taste as well.

My honey's < Fried Char Kuey Teow > ( Rm 9.90 ) looks mediocre but tastes not bad. 

One of the reading stuffs in the cafe, yet about the fur kids too...^^

Janet, one of the owner of < Lilo Cafe >, she was so friendly to us as well as our fur babies. She & a couple of her friends ( or partners or customers ) approached us and grabbed my baby Minnie for cuddling once we were seated. I could tell all of them are pet lovers. By the way, my baby Minnie was quite terrified since they were totally strangers to her, and she is very timid girl :-)

Baby Mickey kept on peeping mommy while mommy was talking some photos around ^^

Minnie, why are you staring mommy like that? Are you blaming mommy keeps taking photos around and not cuddling you, baby? Lol~

My 2 precious babies with their uniforms....

Mickey:"Mommy, what are you doing?"

 My baby Mickey is enjoying the live band....


Baby Minnie started to sniff around despite terrifying....

Looking around, baby Mickey just couldn't sit patiently during dining :-)

My honey & baby Mickey...

< Lilo Art Cafe > indeed not many vacancy since the tables are limited due to the small room...

It was kinda cottage decor....The wooden set outs & colors...

Oh no! The German Shepherd's figurine has broken...

Me & Janet ( one of the share partners of the cafe )...

Lilo Art Cafe
10-G Garden Wing,
Sunsuria Avenue Persiaran Mahogani,
Jalan Pju 5 
47810 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-61517818

Business Hour:   -Sat & Sun opens 9:30am to 7:30pm
                           -Tuesday & Friday opens 11:30am to 12am ( Last call for foods until 10pm ) ( Live Band ).
                          -Wednesday & Thursday opens 11:30am to 9pm
                          ( Closed on Monday )

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