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Devour The Delicacies @ Sorrowful City 把悲傷化为食量的《悲情城市》

Me & my honey were been to Taipei, Taiwan for the second time during Autumn 2012, and we had decided to stay 2 nights in Jiufen九份, even though some people told us not to especially from young people as their opinions in Jiufern has nothing ( attractions ) but solely nostalgic street, where, we merely need to spend at most half a day, hence, stay overnight in Jiufen is really superfluous and boring. Nevertheless, me & my honey insisted to do it our way, and the proven outcome for what we had decided was completely right. Jiufen 九份 is a very awesome place always submerged in such fresh cold atmosphere despite tourist attractions are rare, where, every air we inhale is fresh, clean and cool compares with the rushed & muddled city. It has very distinctive perception during day and night, thus for those who didn't stay overnight in here would never know how gorgeous she is after night falls with an array of garish & beautiful red lanterns hanging along the alleys. It's kinda romantic walking pace by pace, path by path with your loved one with your hands holding closely one another in such nostalgic and unfettered atmosphere, as if we were back in time.

After surveying back & forth for nearly an hour, we decided to choose this restaurant for our dinner venue on the very night we stayed in Jiufen 九份 due to its name, as every restaurant in the region has its own distinguishing feature and unique decor which are so welcoming, though. However, < Sorrowful City 悲情城市>, it doesn't sound like an eatery name anyway.

< Sorrowful City 悲情城市>

Looked upward to the restaurant from the street, it seemed like an ancient story was going to show once again before our eyes with some retro people walked into the scene on the very next shot. 

According to the placard, the restaurant was the major filming scene of the Chinese historical background movie < Sorrowful City 悲情城市>, hence this was where the name of the restaurant came from. 

If I'm not mistaken, Mr 游 did tell us all the dining tables we were sitting on have been gone through a historical aging for more than a century. 

Nostalgia atmosphere....amazing place.

Looked downward to the pedestrian street from our dining table...

Mmmm....see what they serve in this nostalgic restaurant.

An overwhelming majority of diners rather sat at the open-air seating than indoor seating. So were we. :-)

We both love the atmosphere having our dinner here. Sitting at somewhat high place looking down the street while immersed in an amazing cool & fresh air during the Autumn night.

Back in time???

Certainly one of my honey's must try drink, always the authentic beer regardless of where we go. Nonetheless there was merely one cup required since I don't drink alcohol beverage. ^^

< Garlic Fried Asplenium Nidus 清炒蒜山蘇 > ( TWD 180 ), so freshy cooked and crunchy. Love it!

< Barbecue Salted Pork 烤盐猪肉 > ( TWD 220 ), it great when comes with some beers according to beer lover as it tastes somewhat salty. 

< Stewed Chicken With Three Cups Sauces 三杯雞 > ( TWD 250 ), I loved this so much, the chicken was succulent and well-cooked. However I went vegan last month, henceforth no more meat for me :-) 

< Steamed Soup Dumpling 湯包 > ( TWD 150 )

The < Steamed Soup Dumpling > was so tasty eating hot. From the very first bite, the soup from the dumpling splashing out immediately in your mouth, and you would never gonna leave out the left over umami soup in your spoon as well.  Nonetheless we need to be very cautious when eating hot to avoid your lip and tongue being scalded by the boiled soup. 

The special sauce comes with the < Steamed Soup Dumpling 湯包 >, vinegar & sliced gingers matches the dumpling perfectly. 

Not forgetting the savory rice.

Bill paying...

It was a good choice to have our first dinner in <悲情城市>. No regret!

Each and every detail in the restaurant just like a time machine could easily bring the diners back to ancient times in decades.

All wooden & bamboo decors & furnitures, as told by Mr. 游, most of the furnitures are antiques of an age exceeding 100 years. ( Bottom right ) Look at this huge abacus hanging on the wall.

Wow! An unique bamboo pram, wonder if it was made by the restaurant owner himself. 

Very "Chinese" tradition nostalgia decor in every single detail of the restaurant.

As stated, with air-cond & WiFi supplied. However we came across with such freezing cold Autumn climate especially at night, hence air conditional has nothing to do with us. :-)

Another treasure of Mr. 游, it looks like a chinese calligraphy as well as paintings..Mmmm..interesting. Yet I really have no idea who's the painter anyway. :-)

Don't worry, they were not quarreling with one another but the Mr. 游 was seriously sharing his treasure flask and the story of the restaurant. This wooden flask is made of a kind of tree in Taiwan which has very densely scent as incense stick, and it also kinda costly :-)

A very friendly, hospitable and outspoken restaurant owner, Mr. 游, was very happy to share with us his opinions about politic of his country as well as ours, experiences, stories of the restaurant and valuable collections....He even invited us to stay back and join him for dinners & drinks after the restaurant close in another couple of hours. However we declined his kind invitation since we were too full to savor more foods or beverages, and yet we wanna strolled down the street before back to our guesthouse. 

Grabbed some business card of the Mr. 游.

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