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Novelty Experience Of Drive-In Busselton Outdoor Cinema

Guess it's gonna be a novelty experience especially whomever from Asian countries, at least to me. < Drive-In Busselton Outdoor Cinema > was the very first time I went for an outdoor movie. In fact before we went for our self-drive tour in Western Australia, I've been surveyed for the "Must Do Thing" in Busselton ( one of the lodging town we stayed an overnight before heading to Mandurah ), and Drive-In Outdoor Cinema is one of the "Must Do Thing" in Busselton. As a matter of fact, I've been longing for so long to experience this ever since I watched many of the Hollywood movies, the drive-in outdoor cinema is one of the pastimes always shown in the stories which I love the most. The matter is it seems like never gonna happen in my countries nor any neighboring countries as well. I guess I know the reason, since our country is surrounded by humid & warm climate all year long, how are we gonna to stay in the car for the entire show without getting the car started and letting the cool circulating air-condition in the car? I suppose if we refuse to do so, we are gonna stay in the car with sweating like a pig all the way and yet to be the dinner for the blood sucker-mosquitoes as well. However, on the contrary by letting the vehicle started, it likely to stand against an environmental protection to the earth. Therefore, in such a cool atmosphere while been to WA, Australia ( most likely below 20'c during Wintertime ), how was I going to miss the chance? 

Our hotel was merely 5 minutes drive distance to the < Drive-In Busselton Outdoor Cinema >, thus we came to observe the place when we were passing by at noon. We wished they were gonna broadcast some great shows that we haven't seen before. There were some leaflets on the shelf beneath the board. Take one to study the term & condition, as well as rules and movies of the week.

The gate was closed, we were way too early..LOL

Admission fee for two of us was AUS$ 30.00 ( 15.00 x 2pax ) equally to Rm 90++ ( 2 movies included ). Kinda costly for our Malaysian even though for 2 movies, but what the heck! As long as it was novelty to us. 

Some rules and useful guidelines....

Some menus for the dine-in at the drive-in. ^^

Tonight shows, first movie was < The Great And Powerful > & secondly was < Iron Man 3 >. Unfortunately we have seen < Iron Man 3 > before, thus we were not gonna waste our time to watch it once again. Nonetheless, we were still fortunate enough that < The Great And Powerful > was the first show, we could choose to leave and back to hotel during interval after the first show. ^^

We left the hotel in the evening much ahead of schedule due to we decided to buy some outside dinners/ snacks to dine in at our car while enjoying the show ( as seen from many Hollywood movies before, LOL ). Felt so excited!!!

< Red Rooster > sounded not bad! We decided to buy this since we've never had it before. 

< Fish & Chips >, Yumyum! We both love the Aussie's Fish & Chips ( not to mention New Zealand, still one of our favorite ).

Reached the venue, there were approximately 10 vehicles waiting in line. However time is till young, the entrance wasn't open yet. 

Yes! All the vehicles were moving slowly toward the entrance...

It was merely 6.30pm, but the sky was all black...After all the day falls dark even faster during wintertime.

Hehe..My baby Mickey & Minnie were here with mommy & daddy too. 

The drive through ticketing counter before entering...

There was only a man in the ticketing counter, he was back and forth to the counter for serving the customers. He was so attentive and friendly, he smiled and asked if we had been there before, when he knew it was the very first time we went there, he did not mind to explain and narrate the circumstances all over again to us patiently although we had read through the leaflet beforehand. As I said, overwhelming majority Australia as well as New Zealand people are very friendly even to Asian people as us. ^^ 

Yeah! Got our admission ticket for 2 movies of the night. 

Speed limit 10km, drive carefully since it's a shared car & pedestrian zone. 

Absolutely dark in there without any street lamp...

Yes, we drove slowly to find a nice place to park our car. We were free to park our vehicles anywhere but need to be next to the speaker stand. There even have a small playground for children right in front of the screen.

Park your car anywhere but next to the speaker stand...

The Speaker Stand.

Some 4WD cars or rather large vehicles even parked backward with the car boots remain opened. Guess what, they did lay flat the back seats and put some beddings on it for the kids to lie on their back or lean forward leisurely as make themselves at home to enjoy the shows. What a great idea.

There is a Snack Bar and washroom at the main building right at the back ( with the spotlight ). 

Audiences in variety of vehicles were entering the venue one after another, choosing their favorite spot, got the vehicles parked and windows down, let the fresh cool air blowing in, and turn off the car engines. Some of them went to grab some snacks & beverage from the Snack Bar, some would take out their outside foods as me and my honey. Nonetheless the outdoor cinema didn't seem to be full house on the very night. 

Took some photos before the show started. 

Me, my honey and my babies were going to enjoy the show...

The Fish & Chips..

< Red Rooster- Stacked Pack >, a burger, some nuggets, some fries....

What a huge portion of Fish & Chips..

A narration of some useful guides before the show started...

For sound tune your car radio to 92.5FM or use an in-car speaker.

Wow! The movie started! What an experience! While watching the outdoor movie, we were enjoying a billion twinkle stars like a diamond in the sky in the meanwhile as well, just love the feeling as well as the cold atmosphere, how I wish my Mickey & Minnie was there too...

The first show was end, well then, we were going to leave during the interval before the next movie get started. The time we left, there were still numerous of vehicles stayed back for the next show.


We followed the same entrance pathway to exit as instructed, which, if audience choose to leave before the end of the night, please use the main entrance/exit. By the way, do you feel as I feel too? I feel the pathway with street lamp and other vehicles is kinda creepy, just like the scene of some horror movies, a vampire, a monster, an unknown spirit, a homicidal maniac or bunch of zombies will appear suddenly in front of our car and pounce on our car windscreen to attack us...Haha..I'm too much addicted to horror movies. LOL~

Location: 500 Bussel Highway, West Busselton, WA, 6280.
Contact: (08) 97515638

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