Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Chaweng. Sun. Beach.

From the rather isolated, quiet and honeymoon-esque atmosphere, < Villa Nalinnadda > @Lamai Beach ( Click Here ), we came into the Chaweng Beach where you may have a perception totally differ from the former. Once we reached < ARK Bar Beach Resort ( Click Here )>, without any hesitation, we leapt at the poolside of the resort. Before long we shifted to the beach adjacent to the poolside to enjoy more enchanting & fascinating views.
( P/S: To whosoever were captured in the photos, please accept my apology for capturing the image of you guys without permission. The reason is merely one, you guys are too gorgeous to obstruct me from pressing the shutter of my camera. Looking at you guys made me felt like a paparazzi encountering with an enormous group of celebrities. ^^ )

Once we bounced in the region, a perfect party mood forthwith started by surroundings with loud, groovy and funky music on the beach. It was awesome and fascinating. 

Sorry everyone, despite my body is not Hot nor in beautiful figure, yet there has no reason for me to refuse to Bikini on this land especially on this Chaweng Beach. Every girl with their bikini on despite body figures, fat, skinny, big tummy, model-like, tall, short, big bust, flat chest (LOL)....

My honey was ready to jump into the

My honey was enjoying the sunbathing in the sea...

And he was totally wet ^^

This little girl was too cute that I had to capture almost every move of her. Simply love her ^^

The couples from all stage of age ❤❤

Let's get WET~

Have a break!

Was I taking my honey's photos or the otherwise? LOL

Magnificent Chaweng Beach....

Hey! Can you spot me???

A multitude of tourists as us were enjoying their sunbath on a vast number of sun beds along the seaside.

Can you spot me?? LOL

I simply love the atmosphere❤❤

The perfect getaway. A stress-free afternoon, slow down your pace of life, lie your back on the white sand beach, enjoy the magnificent sea view with the fascinating and charming crowd passes by to admire while the sky is blue, the ocean is clear and warmest breeze is whispering to your ears....

The very eye-catching couples were playing game ( I wish I know the name of the game ) on the beach, weren't they look gorgeous? :-)

All men were seem to be attractive regardless of any age.

Lovely girls, sexy ladies, hot mamas were all in variety of bikinis. Which do you prefer? :-)

Daytime Chaweng Beach is undoubtedly a fun place great for couples, friends as well as family with children. Nonetheless, it wouldn't be appropriate for family with kids but couples and friends after nightfalls.

The bar counter sits as the divider of both swimming pool and the beach.

Hot grandma ❤

Another airplane flew over the resort, swimming, Chaweng Beach and sea...

Fascinating Chaweng Beach...

An idle sunbathing....Everyone seemed to be pretty slack off, and yes, this is definitely the ideal mood to lavish your perfect vacation.

Charming guys were kinda pleasing to the eyes while enjoying my sunbathing. LOL

Mmmm...another charming man sat neighboring the bar counter, he looked alike the charming actor, Daniel Craig, to me❤

These two hot mamas attempted to let their armpits get tanned too, didn't they? ^^

Hot papa was also with his swim trunks on.^^

My honey was gonna order some fruits and BBQ corn....

"Whose turn now?"

Oh! I simply love this BBQ corn, so juicy, so sweet and mouthwatering. Don't miss it when you come to Chaweng Beach!

As well as the pineapples, its natural fruity taste was so juicy and sweet....

As a matter of fact, this was my favorite among all, the coconut meat. It was so crunchy, sweet and somewhat natural coconut salty texture. I wonder why we don't have this sell in my country, I can barely get the coconut meat ( the hard & crunchy old coconut meat ) when buying the coconut juicy from stall. Unlike this, it can be my all-time-favorite snack ever. Yummy!

One for you, one for me ^^

Two bananas gaveaway from the friendly peddler lady, perhaps it was due to my honey could talk Hokkein to her ( She is chinese as well ). honey gained two bananas by knowing how to speak Hokkein.^^

Spot numerous of beautiful modellll-like girls.

Another model-like guy?

Are you capturing my photo? Vice versa..LOL

The gorgeous ones...

Say "YEAH"

The two funny guys were too naughty that kept teasing the peddler lady. However she seemed so happy to be amused by them.

Half Moon Party...

Mommy & son.

One happy family❤

"Hey! Are you peeping at me?"

OMG!!! This guy is too....SEXY from the rear ^^

When the night was going to fall, one after another all the sunbathing men, women and children went back to their respective accommodations to get themselves ready for the dinners, night entertainments, night market shopping spree, beachfront party or second-round event of the day in the busiest nightlife center in the island that barely sleep before the night vanishes and tomorrow sun arises. ^^

Omg!!! Why were several naked woman crouching on the beach? Is she alright?

Please someone call the police! There have two naked ladies got murdered here!!!

Wow! They were the sand art. These people are absolutely creative and brilliant.^^

Aren't they look real???

Splendid and tranquil night falls.

The perception of Chaweng Beach during evening was completely differ from the noon nor daytime. 

Beautiful sunset...

Our paces during the very evening....

The Ark Bar Beach Club was getting ready with their evening beachfront dining seatings. The sun beds were switched to dining chairs, two sun beds were divided by a low dining table. And yes, we had decided to have our dinner at here tonight ( Click Here ). ^^

Every beachfront bar, restaurant, cafe and pub was setting up the beachside seatings for the night dining.

Ok, we wanted to go back to our room for a nice bath and preparation to go for a perfectly romantic dinner at this fascinating ARK Bar Restaurant at the beachside ( Click Here ).

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