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Romantic Beachside Candlelight Dinner @ Chaweng Beach

After an one whole day sunbathing slot at our resort < Ark Bar Beach Resort, Chaweng ( Click Here )> beachside < Chaweng Beach ( Click Here ) >, we planned to have a romantic candle light dinner at the very same place at the Chaweng Beach which was merely few steps away from our room, where, the sun beds were switched to the dining chair during the nightfalls. In fact there are various restaurants, cafes, pubs and eateries along the Chaweng Beach, every single of them has its distinctive deco, cuisine and atmosphere. There must be one to fit your needs anyway. ^^

After bath, we returned to the place where we had our sunbathing in the daytime, to have a romantic dinner.

The nighttime < Ark Bar Beach Club > simply has a distinctive atmosphere which is differ from the daytime. I love it either way. ^^

Some diners were already seated and having their dinner. 

Isn't it cool and glamorous? 

I couldn't wait to have my very first meal in Chaweng Beach, Koh Samui. It's gonna be a novelty experience to me and my honey.

The menu…Too bad, we didn't manage to be here on Friday nor Wednesday, we missed the Beach Party anyway. 

What a

I love the atmosphere pretty much...

Lovely candlelight to enhance the romantic mood...


The torch-like deco lamp arrays are impressively beautiful as a Olympic flame. Love it.

Simply another couples apart from us….

Wanna join us?

<Chang> for my honey...

Soda drinks for me….

< Seafood Tom Yam Soup >

< Seafood Fried Rice >

< Chicken Wings >


Enjoy the meal as well as the atmosphere…..

Relaxing after meal…..

Glance of a night swimming man while we enjoyed the romantic dinner at the beachside.

Perfect dining atmosphere for couples, hence, more than half of the tables were occupied by loving couples like us ^^

My honey...

Romantic atmosphere at the beachside with balmy candlelight, cool sea breezes, darkly surroundings and certainly, the passionate couples…..❤❤❤

Enjoy the relaxing & romantic atmosphere before leaving for the night walk and shopping spree...

Chaweng Seaview in the night time.

The exit pathway from our resort...

After the dinner, in order to waste away some cholesterols from our body, we decided to scroll down the main street of Chaweng town, the most crowded and lively town with all the nightlife activities in Koh Samui.

Nighttime Chaweng town.

< Moulin Rouge > just situates on the opposite side of the exit pathway from our resort, one of the ladyboy shows as well as one of the night activities that most recommended, where, you may merely need to order a drinks ( reasonable price ) to enjoy the splendid ladyboy's show by the glittering-costumed beautiful ladyboys, whom, seem almost a genuine lady.^^

Shopping time….

I'm quite overwhelmed with amazement of one moving circumstance in Koh Samui, which, Humans, Dogs and Cats are able to live peacefully with one another on the very same land without hatred & fights ( even between the cats & dogs ), neither any animal abuse nor animal neglect. Everyone is so happy with the animal regardless of strays or home reared, whenever a stray dog or cat approach to a man who is taking a meal, certainly he/she will be fed unconditionally, I witnessed this plenty of time with my own eyes in this very land. Thus, strays in Koh Samui I met were absolutely friendly to human despite strangers, they didn't even fearful toward strangers. ^^


In Chaweng town, restaurants catering to every taste...

Night entertainment district. Only for adult, kids are strongly not recommended to come along ^^

Two restaurants on the both side of the pathway to our resort. Always packed with diners.

Returned to our resort….

The reception counter at nighttime.

The pedestrian path heading to our room as well as the Chaweng Beachside.

Crowded yet peaceful place even located in the center of the most lively town.

Met another kitty ^^

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