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Forest Lodge Resort, Pemberton WA

Pemberton, WA is well known and surrounded by its magnificent Karri Forest with 5 National parks within 20 minutes drive from town, and apart from that it has plenty of rivers, streams and dams for recreation. Hence the nearby Gloucester National Park contains 3 climbable karri trees ( Gloucester Tree, Diamond Tree and Dave Evans Bicentennial Tree ), each in excess of 60 metres tall. The tallest of the three is Dave Evans Bicentennial Tree, which, stands around 71 metres tall. Each of these climbable trees has been fitted with metal rungs which allow courageous visitors to climb these threes and reach the constructed lookout at the top.  In addition to all these parks and recreations, Pemberton is recognised as one of the premier cool climate wine regions in Australia, and hosts many wineries in the region. 

< The Forest Lodge Resort > was the resort we stayed a night during our stop in Pemberton, WA. It is a peaceful sanctuary just out of Pemberton township in the heart of the magnificent Karri Forest, which, offers exquisite accommodation in a tranquil setting amongst stunning gardens, overlooks a tranquil lake and the grounds have an amazing range of wildlife such as Kangaroos. Apart from that, it's located merely 2 kilometres from the Pemberton township. The lodge offers a quiet seclusion with the convenience of adjacent amenities such as shops, galleries and wineries. 

Drove into a rather narrow and natural path, the only way to < The Forest Lodge Resort >.

The entrance. ( By the way there is a railway track built across the path before entering the facade of the resort ). ^^

The courtyard of the resort.

Ready to check in....

However there was not a soul in sight upon our arrival, not even anyone at the reception counter as the door adjacent to the reception counter was locked. Hence we have to make a phone call to the number pasted on the door to notify them. Within a minute a man came out to welcome us and proceeded the check-in procedure for us. We could tell there are very few men to operate the business, perhaps it has to be one man show most of the time. Nonetheless it's pardonable as guests were rare and most of them went out for attractions I supposed. 

Checking in....

You may grab some locally made jams for only AUD$5.50.

It was really somewhat forest atmosphere, our room was being circling by various forest trees. Awesome!

Quiet and tranquil atmosphere...

Parked our vehicle next to our room...

Couldn't find anyone else but us...Felt creepy? Not at all ^^

Entering the room....

Welcome to Pemberton <3

Room key.

Ain't the room lovely?

My Mickey & Minnie already sat on this comfy bed in the comfy room.

Wish my babies was here....

Beautiful, simple and nice design of the room giving us the simplicity feel, it was so great not being complicated and free from bustling & irritating city...By the way, I love the colour theme of the room, simple, elegant, charming and cosy. 

The owner of the resort is being so thoughtful. Even during winter time, after taking the bath, you shall not get cold in the bathroom as there a "Heat" switch to on for warmer temperature.^^

All the bath products are provided.

Simple but clean bathroom...

A closet.

Yet another sweet thing of the resort owner for being so considerate. The electric heated blankets are prepared for each room each bed so that all the guests are able to heat up their body speedily even during the freezing Winter night. 

The kitchen is fully equipped. You may make yourself a lovely lunch or dinner ( as breakfast is provided ) in this lovely kitchen, which, you may enjoy the beautiful and natural scene of backyard through the window while preparing the meal. For your information, we could easily spot a herd of lovely Kangaroos hopping around the lawn of our backyard. It was a novelty experience to us.

All kitchenware as pot, frying-pan, kettle, crockery, etc...are provided.

I was cooking some light meal for refreshment since we had gone for our grocery shopping at the supermarket in town beforehand. On top of that, it was not many options to find a dining place in Pemberton especially after sundown since it is indeed a very small town. 

Everything was green before our eyes as well as fresh air, for ages we had never breathed in such purified and refreshing air without pollution...Thus, inhale as much as we could for refreshing our body & mind.

Our backyard...

Can you spot them? Super duper cute Kangaroos were hopping freely on the lawn at our backyard.

Look at here, sweeties...I'm capturing your photos ^^

Curious but adorable Kangaroo, love you.

The very next morning while the balmy sun shining on the wet ground after pouring. 

Overlooking the heavenly scenery through the window while we were having our breakfast indoor.

Beautiful and thirsty birdies. Every morning a full buffet breakfast is offered in the beautiful breakfast/ lounge room overlooking the picturesque lake where you can observe the birds feeding just out of the window. 

The cosy place to have our breakfast. Nonetheless, they don't serve any a la-carte meal, room service nor teatime pastry for guests apart from breakfast. Henceforth, you should have grabbed something to eat from supermarket ( raw to cook or ready to eat foods ) or a couple of eateries in town not far away from the resort.

Coffee, tea or....

My honey was waiting to get his pancake done.

Various flavour of yummy yogurts.

I'm ready for my breakfast ^^

My cornflakes with fresh milk as well as abundant of variety of nuts and dried fruits. Mmmm...a very nutrition breakfast to start my day with. Yummy!

Yes! Our set breakfast was ready. The chef cum the owner of the resort would have approached us once seated to take an order of our chosen breakfast set. We were given 2 options, one would be the beacon set breakfast, another would be....sorry, I've forgotten the other one since both of us didn't choose it. LOL. Apart of from that, yogurt, juice, coffee, tea, milk, cornflakes, pancake..etc..are refillable and free-flow as well. No worries.^^

A cosy place for relaxing yourself and keep you warm near the fireplace. 

Lovely picture hangs on the wall above the fireplace.

So many lovely and memorable pictures can be seen anywhere.

Lovely ornaments in house, nice to see and nice to play too.^^

My babies were here...^^

If you have sufficient of spare time while you have visited all the adjacent attractions, you may find some dvd from here and borrow back to your room and watch. Yet another thoughtful action of the resort owner. ^^

For guests who bring children, variety of kiddo games are provided too.

Wanna check and update your social network account?

The reception counter, please ring the bell for assistance. ^^ 

A small library provides variety of reading source for guests needed despite its narrow space.

A comfy couch to rest on while enjoying your privately reading time….

The passage from the cafe towards reception counter and guest rooms. 

Simple, clean and lovely corridor scenes of the guest rooms.

The front courtyard of the resort...

After breakfast....get ready to stroll down the region of the resort before leaving to our next destination. 

The external view of the place where we took our breakfast an hour ago.

Have a stroll to the beautiful lakeside...

The footway...

Beautiful and balmy morning sunshine...

Lovely wooden swing^^

Cool weather, blue sky, candyfloss-like white cloud as well as balmy sunshine..What a gorgeous scenery....

What a

Ain't this place refreshing your mind?

Not forgetting some selfies...

Oh No! The tree makes me look even shorter :P
As we know, Pemberton is surrounded by karri forest which contains numerous tall trees and some of them are very well known and climbable. Thus, can't be hard to find some huge and tall trees in the region.

Pine cones...

Tranquil atmosphere, awesome!

The pavilion is built at the end of the green-grass dyke helps to enhance the tranquility of the region.

Ease up your paces at the pavilion to be immersed into a peaceful state of mind by the serenity of your soul.  

How I wish my baby Mickey & baby Minnie was here with us in such beautiful & peaceful place..Nice weather.

Wow! Oranges?

The oranges are falling all over on ground, can we pick them up....and take away? 

Oh No no no! Don't get him wrong, my honey was simply pretending to pluck the oranges. :-)

We were leaving to our next destination. 

There is a railway track across the path right in front of the < Forest Lodge Resort >. Beware while you drive through the path. 

It started to rain again....

For more information, kindly visit the link below.

2 km from Pemberton on the Vasse Highway
PO Box 64. Pemberton WA 6260
Tel: (08) 9776 1113
Fax: (08) 9776 1315
For all enquiries, email or phone (08) 9776 1113.

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  1. Beautiful photos! Thank you so much for sharing this lovely tour. Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. :)



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