Monday, 11 May 2015

Pet Friendly Tokyo Yakiniku 东京烧烤館 ( Part 2 VIP Room )

This was the second time we visit Japanese BBQ Restaurant, for more infos on menu please visit my last post about Tokyo Yakiniku 东京烧烤館 ( Click Here ). It was my baby Mickey's 3rd birthday on 8th May 2015, therefore we have made a reservation for the VIP room upstair, which, no additional charges. 
Happy 3rd Birthday, baby <3

Minnie, Mickey & Daisy, my Disney's babies <3

Mommy wishes you a very happy birthday, stay happy, stay healthy and long lived baby <3

The VIP room is located on the 2nd floor. According to the friendly and attentive restaurant GM, Miss Annie, the 2nd floor didn't open for diners on that very day due to lacking of workers, we however still welcomed to dine in at the VIP room as we have made the reservation one week ago. How thoughtful. :-)

Some deco on the 2nd floor...

There are even more seats and spacious on the 2nd floor. 

Kawaii deco..

Entrance of the washroom..

Lovely deco of the washroom...

Lovely Japanese art work.

Menu.. for more infos on menu please visit my last post about Tokyo Yakiniku 东京烧烤館 ( Click Here )

Entrance to the VIP room..

Wow! Surprisingly it's a very comfy yet spacious room indeed. I strongly recommend that a small party or gathering can be held in this VIP room, which, is more privacy and free. Most importantly no additional charges on top of that. ^^

Press the bell for assistance...

Babies were so happy to own such a big and comfy room all by ourselves. 

Mickey: Mommy, can I eat the cake yet?

Mickey: I'm so happy mommy. 

Candid shots while I was setting the camera for the babies.

Babies, later you guys please smile to the camera okay?

Mmmm...almost done :-)

Come babies, please sit properly, mommy's going to snap your photos <3

My honey was checking the time..Hey, honey! Don't give me pressure okay.. :P

Everyone says "Cheese"..

Mommy and the babies <3

Family portrait <3

All of my babies unwilling to look at the camera..sob sob..

Happy babies <3

Daddy, mommy, sisters and the birthday boy Mickey <3

Be patient okay babies, mommy is cutting the cake for you guys <3

Okay sit properly, mommy's going to serve your cake...

There you are...the yummy cake.

Babies wait ya...don't try to eat the cake on the sly okay?

Are you ready babies? Okay! You may eat now <3

Nom nom nom...

The birthday boy Mickey enjoyed eating his birthday meat cake so much <3

Preparing to order daddy mommy's foods while babies was having their dinner..

Daisy: Mommy, please don't let Mickey and Minnie come to snatch my cake okay? I eat very slow and they both are so greedy...
Mommy: Okay, baby :-)

Minnie: Mommy, can I have more?

Mickey & Minnie: Mommy, can we have more? We have finished ours!
Daisy: Hey Mickey Minnie! Don't you guys try to snatch mine! I warn you!

Mickey: Mmmm...It's so yummy!

Mickey Minnie: Pleaseeeeee...we want more...

Mickey: Mommy, where are you going?

The lanterns outside the window create the Japanese ambiance...

Mickey Minnie: Someone out there?

Three curious babies :-)

Yeah! Daddy and mommy's BBQ dinner is served.

Hungry daddy and mommy..

Squid ( Rm 7.90 )

BBQ set for 2 persons ( Rm 41.80 ) For detail ( Click Here ).

Green Leaf Lettuce ( Rm 4.90 )

My honey bears the responsibility to grill the raw ingredients, and I'm the one who bears the responsibility to finish the cooked

A very concentrated man before me <3


My honey enjoys grilling the foods <3

Hot on grill...

Tastes great and perfectly wrapped with lettuce....

Or with the chewable rice...

My girls were relaxing while daddy and mommy having our BBQ dinner..

Mommy and Daisy <3

Pretty leisure and lucky to have our dinner in such a spacious and comfy room all by our own for the entire night <3 <3 <3

Mommy and Mickey Minnie...


Mickey and Minnie are rather to lie down idlely instead...

Daisy as well...felt asleep..

Dessert time after the dinner...< Pineapple Sorbet > ( Rm 9.80 )

It's frozen and sourly taste, fit perfectly after a super full nice BBQ dinner and our hot weather..


Dessert anyone?

There are variety of Sorbet tastes...I'm gonna try other flavour on my next visit, yeah!

Are we done eating?

Yupp! We are done eating our dessert! 

Bye-bye, going home after a satisfied BBQ dinner. We'll be back soon! <3

Tokyo Yakiniku 东京烧烤館
76G&A, Jalan Pandan Indah 4/6B
Pandan Indah 55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-42954833 ( O)  016-2801992 ( Annie Tang )


  1. Hi Carol, this restaurant is no longer pet friendly :(

  2. wow where you got the cake from



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