Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Pet Friendly Tokyo Yakiniku 东京烧烤館

Guess many pawrents have been experienced of being always rejected while we're trying to bring our beloved fur kids to restaurants to dine in with us, some of the restaurants/cafes however allow us to have outdoor seats. Nonetheless I would rather go instead of taking the outdoor seat unless the place is located in somewhere cold like Genting Highland, Cameron Highland, Fraser Hill...etc, or the weather of that very day is cool and refreshing. Otherwise our furry kids would have suffered in our humid and hot climate accompanying us for hours while we are enjoying our meal, drinks or chit-chatting with friends. Thus I would extremely appreciate those eateries/ cafes whom welcome us and our beloved furry kids indoor with air-conditioning despite it's rarely found in our country. 
Recently Ive found one in Pandan Indah named Tokyo Yakiniku, the place is awesome, not to mention the lady person in charge is particularly friendly and attentive to us and our fur kids, she even allows us to bring our furry indoor with air-conditioning, besides the foods are surpringingly tasty and menu varied. 

Mickey: Waitress jie jie, can you take my order now?

Very cozy atmosphere...

Some sake deco.. But I don't drink alcoholic beverage :P

Hi babies <3

Okay, let's see what to order now...

They have BBQ set if you don't know what to oder like me as it's my first time to dine in this restaurant. We have ordered BBQ set for 2 persons, and planned to add on something else later on if we are not full enough. :P

6 type of Set lunch...but it was an evening :P

Varied Donburi...

Varied Japanese Ramen/ Udon and Japanese Snacks...

Variety of BBQ meats to choose from...

Variety of seafoods and veggies for BBQ..

Even soup...

Any beverages you want, just name it..Coffees, Beers, Fruit juices, Soft Drinks..and even dessert as Sorbets <3 

Some condiments..

To me, green tea is the best beverage to pair with Japanese Foods. 

Bacons and Chicken Drumstick. ( BBQ Set for 2 persons- Rm 41.80 )

Tafu Bok and Lamb Shoulder. ( BBQ Set for 2 persons- Rm 41.80 )

Very fresh and crispy Green Leaf Lettuce. ( Rm 4.90 )

Spicy Bacons ( Rm 8.90 )

Pork Neck Meat ( Rm 7.90 )

Japanese Soy Sauce mix with a little Lime juice and Sesame. 

Start our charcoal BBQ... However the lady person in charge did ask us if we want them to bring the charcoal grill on our dining table and grill the BBQ on our own, or let them do it back in the kitchen and serve the ready meal. Without hesitating, we choose the former to grill on our own ( that's the fun thing of having BBQ right? ). However the latter will be more easy way to diners like us, who, are bringing a handful and greedy kids, as well as less heating environment. :P

Daisy: Hi mommy! :-)

Caution! It's super hot! Keep your kids away!

Daisy: Daddy, what's this???

Be patient... :P

What makes you look so curious, baby?

The most greedy boy of mine :P

Mickey: Wow! It's so aromatic! I can't take my eyes off you! 

Mickey: Mommy, can I have one piece of that aromatic bacon?
Mommy: No baby! You can't eat this, mommy do bring along your healthy homemade jerky, will give you later on okay? 
( In fact every time we dine in any eatery which doesn't serve pet menu, I would surely bring along my babies' homemade jerky which have no seasonings added ).

The most clingy girl of mine. Wouldn't want to sit on her own anywhere we go, always wants to sit on mommy's lap. 

Grill, grill, grill.....

The colour is so tempting...

Concentrating while daddy is grilling the meats..

Babies were so happy, kept sticking out their little tongue trying to taste the smell...But they can't eat this, sorry baby :-(

Mickey & Minnie: Huh??? What??? We can't eat this???

Mickey & Minnie: But they look so yummy!!!

Mommy were eating with one hand...as the clingy girl wants to be carried always. :P

Mommy: Smile a little smile for mommy, baby...
Mickey: No!!! I can't eat this I won't smile! Unless you give me one!

Fresh from grill...

Are you ready? 

Nom nom nom!

Daisy: Daddy, can I have one? Please please please....

Mickey: I don't want to smile!!

Mickey: Oppsss...my jerky dropped!

Mickey: Mommy, can you pick up the jerky for me? It's down there!
Mommy: No baby, it's dirty to be eaten. Mommy give you the new one okay?

Usually they would open up the second floor if diners are plenty, or else the second floor will be closed. 

However the lady person in charge did advise us to give them a call for reservation if we wish to bring along our fur kids, as they can manage a more private corner on the ground floor for us, or the compartment of the second floor. That really sounds good to be seated in a compartment, would be more privacy indeed.

A very reasonable price for a great exotic delicacy. We would certainly highly recommend this restaurant.

Tokyo Yakiniku 东京烧烤館
76G&A, Jalan Pandan Indah 4/6B
Pandan Indah 55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-42954833 ( O)  016-2801992 ( Annie Tang )

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