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For Your Cubs and Your Cups

< Cubs & Cups > is an absolute pet friendly cafe run by a Korean couples, David Son & Liz Kim, two strangers whom have been studied in Malaysia and met each other in Malaysia, yet getting married in the near future and planned to settle down in Malaysia. Unlike other pet friendly cafe, Cubs and Cups itself has 3 fur kids to welcome you once entering the cafe. To those dog lovers but can't keep a dog for some reasons may visit the Cubs & Cups to have some interactive with the house fur kids ( Cola, Mocha & Nacho ). To those who have fur kids, this is the perfect place you shall come along with your beloved fur kids, where, our fur kids can play with Cola, Mocha & Nacho as well as roaming around while we can have a cup of beverage and meal leisurely. Unlike other pet friendly cafe & eateries, Cubs & Cups doesn't restrict our fur kids on too many insulting rules ( dogs are forbidden to sit on the chairs, make sure your fur kids have no ticks, ensure your dogs don't bark nor scare other children, bla bla bla....etc ) but merely some very basic reasonable rules. Thumbs up!!! 

Read and bear in mind of these Pet Rules before entering the cafe <3

The cafe is kinda roomy and spacious. Perhaps it was due to after heavy rain, there still have quite plenty of empty tables.

Please place your order and pick up yourself at the bar counter...

Order here...

Pick up here...

The place is super clean and have no unpleasant odor despite 3 fur kids are in house. 

I just love the atmosphere of the cafe as well as the fur kids ( Cola, Mocha & Nacho ) <3

Self bar.

The mission of Cubs & Cups <3

The way to C&C patio, in fact the patio has yet to be done and renovated. Looking forward their patio area which provide a landscape for fur kids and some outdoor seatings.

Another type of seating area, guess it suitable for friends without bringing kids nor fur kids, who wants to have some privacy chats.

Cozy place to hang out with friends and family as well as fur kids <3

Mickey: Mommy, can we order our foods now? I'm hungry <3

Make sure you close the paling door every time in and out the cafe to prevent every fur kids from sneaking out and go missing. Please be co-operate ladies and gentlemen :-)

Welcome to Cubs & Cups <3

An adorable baby Husky, Mocha sleeps soundly right next to the main entrance. 

I love this < Pets Welcome, People...tolerated >

Nice one! < Children under 13 have to be supervised >, unlike many other pet friendly cafes or eateries would merely indicate with certainty to the fur parents to supervise their fur kids instead. 

Cola, a beautiful 5-month-old baby Husky of the cafe will be welcoming you to the cafe <3

Another 2 cute little baby Pom and baby Husky apart from Cola.

Mocha, another baby Husky who hasn't done her third vaccine is need to be stay in the playpen instead. 

Hence if you see the fur babies are in the playpen, please do not pick them up!

Nacho, the baby Pom was sleeping soundly before being awaken by me when I was approaching her for photographing. Awwww...How adorable she is...

I love this....< Please wash your hands before pat our furry friends! > In fact I am extremely irritated each time people ask their kids to wash their hands whenever after patting my babies. Hey! My fur babies are even cleaner and hygienic than your kids okay! Thus, you should ask yourself and your kids to wash your hands before patting my fur babies! 

Lol~This baby girl looks angry and fierce but indeed she's a lovely and friendly baby <3

Are you dare to approach any closer with such glares?? 

No worries, you can come closer, Cola, the baby Husky is a very sweet and docile girl. Love her so much!

The cafe do sell some diapers which made in Korea. If you're forgetting to bring diapers for your fur kids who love marking the territory and you wish to let them walk around in the cafe, please purchase it from the cafe...

Cubs & Cups do provide pups daycare...

Some lovely leashes made in Korea are sell in the cafe too, and they can be engraved with your fur kids' names on it as well. 

Awww...the big baby Cola is coming to us..

She sniffs Mickey curiously who is pretty much smaller size than her but older than

Mickey: Mommy, who is she, I'm scared!
Mommy: Don't be afraid baby, she is Cola, she is a baby, very much younger than you <3

Patting Mocha, the baby who hasn't done her 3rd vaccine yet.

Wash your hand before patting her okay!

The friendly staffs and owners of the cafe bringing Nacho, the little Pom for me to pat, what a lovely girl. 

David Son ( the specky man ), the owner cum CEO of the cafe is very friendly too...

Liz Kim ( the beautiful girl beside me ), the Mrs CEO cum Marketing Director is very friendly and attentive too.

Nacho, be careful, don't fall down okay?

Little Nacho is walking on our table and trying to make friends with Mickey, Minnie and Daisy <3

Poor baby Cola has stomach upset I suppose, she has loose stools several time..

Hello Daisy <3

Nacho and Daisy get along pretty well, they keep on kissing one another...

Mickey: Mommy, you see she's pee pee on our table!
Mommy: Never mind baby, she's just a baby...

Nacho keeps on exploring the table and my

Haha..Mickey & Daisy are watching Nacho from the back with a big smile....

Nacho, the friendly baby Pom tries to make friends with baby Minnie, however my naughty girl Minnie is not a friendly baby, she keeps growling towards the friendly baby Nacho and turns her face away >.<

Haha...hyperactive Nacho grabs a tissue and starts to play with

Adorable head tilting baby Nacho <3

Nacho: Are you taking my photos?

Lol~ Nacho thought my iPhone is her toy, she bites and bites...

Nacho: Who are you? What's your name?
Mickey: Don't come any closer pleaseeeee....

Hello Daisy, you look happy don't you?

My 3 Disney's babies, Mickey, Minnie & Daisy's photo session <3

Hello baby Mickey, you are extraordinary well-behaved today in Cubs & Cups cafe, good boy <3

Taking photos with Nacho, a baby Pomeranian of Cubs & Cups <3

Mickey: Mommy, why you don't take photos with me but her? Mommy?...

Mickey: Mommy, stop focusing on your smartphone, please pay more attention on me!

No problem baby <3

A lovely place for you and your fur kids <3

Lee family <3

Sleeping child <3

Cola: Are you taking my photo? Are you a paparazzi? 

Taking photos with one of the house fur babies, a 5-month-old baby Husky, Cola <3

Can I kiss you, Cola? You smell so good and fragrant <3

Oh, she seems like doesn't want to be

Cute baby Husky, Cola <3

Just feel like kidnapping

She looks fierce but indeed a sweet friendly baby girl <3

Yeah! Babies' meals are served! In fact this doggies food is not officially in the menu currently, according to them they are planning to add in the pets menu from next month onwards. However for the time being it can be a special request, which, we can give them a call prior to our visit for them to prepare the ingredients for us, as basically the owner do cook for their fur kids everyday and may arrange food for our fur kids too. What a thoughtful management.

My babies just love chicken...

Nom, nom, nom...

Baby Daisy is enjoying the meal too...

Ok, while babies are done with their meals, it's daddy & mommy's turn to have ours!

My < Fish & Chips >, yummy!

My honey's < Grill Chicken W/Cream & Mushroom >

Bon Appetite!

My honey's < Cappuccino >

My < Iced Lemon Tea >

Babies are satisfied with their meals, and now is mommy's turn to enjoy mommy's meal ok?

After meal, it's time for pee pee...

Cubs & Cups Cafe
Lot 22 Wisma Rapid 30/70A,
Desa Seri Hartamas 
50480 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 016-6891258 / 014-6395023

Opens Monday, Wednesday to Sunday 09:00am to 12:00am.
Closes Every Tuesday.


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