Thursday, 6 August 2015

Recipe: PawPrint Steamed Egg 狗狗脚印蒸蛋

In fact I'm getting this idea from others on Facebook. Just only quite hard to get the paw print mould. And this gonna be my very first attempt on making it, yes I made this for my fur kids and they love it despite a little bit failure, perhaps it was due to overcooked >.<

Method 做法:

Separate the egg white and its yolks, beaten separately.

Firstly, fill in the cavity part with egg yolks carefully.

Place it on the steamer to steam for approximately 1 minute until it's firm.

Add on the egg white equally...

Place it into the steamer again to steam around 1 minute until it's firm or well done.

Leave them to cool completely before removing from the mould.

I decorated them on my homemade meat birthday cake for my fur kid, Daisy ( Click Here for recipe  ).
我用它們来装飾我做给我毛孩子Daisy的生日肉餅蛋糕上面 (點擊食譜)

Aren't they lovely?

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