Thursday, 6 August 2015

Recipe: Purple Chicken Meat Cake For Fur Kids 狗狗食的紫色肉餅蛋糕

This is my homemade meat cake for my fur kid, Daisy's birthday, and all my fur kids love it so much. I never added any seasonings nor colouring on any of my babies' homemade food. All the colours of the cake are definitely naturally from vegetables and ingredients itself.

Part of the ingredients and tools, sorry some of them as chicken and purple cabbage I didn't take photo, because I never thought there have many pawrents asked its recipe and I have to write a blog of it.

For the name part I used Organic Unbleached Plain Flour, Eggs and Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, the measurement of the ingredients were simply follow my heart.

Place it into the oven and bake for about 5 minutes at 180'C. It can't be baked for too long as it would  be cracked and burnt. In fact I simply use it for decorating my cake but never thought to let my babies to eat, I just threw it anyway afterwork, I afraid that the flour haven't fully cooked.

Ingredients 材料
6 Chicken breasts ( minced )
¼ Pumpkin ( steamed and removed from skin )
½ Purple Cabbage ( minced )
6 Purple Potatoes ( peeled and steamed )
½ cup of doggies goat milk
6 塊雞胸肉 (剁碎)
¼ 南瓜 (蒸熟去皮)
½ 紫色包心菜(剁碎)
6 条紫薯(去皮蒸熟)
½ 杯狗狗食用羊奶

  1. Blend both the minced chicken meat and minced purple cabbages.
  2. Pour in half of the mixture into a 8 inches pan and place into the steamer, and steam for about 20-30 minutes ( until fully cooked ).
  3. Repeat the same for the second half of the mixture.
  4. Spread evenly the steamed mashed pumpkin between both steamed mixture ( as shown from the picture ).
  5. Spread evenly the steamed purple mashed potatoes until completely cover the meat cake.
  6. Decorate the meat cake with some PawPrint Steamed Eggs ( Click Here ).

  1. 把雞肉碎和紫色包心菜碎一起攪均匀。
  2. 分两部份分别倒入8吋烤盘放入蒸籠裡蒸20-30分鐘(至熟透)。
  3. 另一部份重复一樣的步骤。
  4. 涂抹蒸熟的南瓜泥在两片蒸熟的肉餅中間(如照片一樣)。
  5. 最後把蒸熟的紫薯泥涂上肉餅外層。
  6. 擺飾一些狗狗脚印蒸蛋(點擊食譜)

It's done!

My babies just love it <3
我寳貝們超爱吃的 <3

Nothing left in the bowl...all gone within a minute.

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