Thursday, 15 October 2015

Don't Tell Mama, Okay?

< Don't Tell Mama Ecobar > is located right on the Cherating beach, is the hippest bar in town. It was recommended by Ruby ( Ruby's Resort ( Click Here )) as basically we would be too rush to have our dinner at Ruby's Resort after I bathe my 3 fur kids whom came back from beach frolic ( Ruby's Resort kitchen closed at 8pm ). 

The location is  kinda isolated from the main road, and need to pass through a chalet village which is adjacent to Restoran Duyong

When you turn into the Cherating Beach ( Pantai Cherating ), drive forward approximately 200m you'll see signboard of < Restoran Duyong >, and the signboard of < Beach Motel > just a few steps away on your left-hand side. ( the signboard as picture below, due to too dark at night my camera shot got the signboard over exposure >.< ). Turn into the path before < Beach Motel > and go along the path till the end of the path, and < Don't Tell Mama Ecobar > is just about 100m away on your right-hand side. However if you lost your way, you may ask the locals or even the foreigners within the region, they most likely can show you the direction. :-)

Apart from that you may use this GPS coordinate as well :-)

Yes, < Don't Tell Mama > is pet friendly Ecobar, most of the diners are Caucasian, Asian people as us can be barely seen anyway. In fact the time we entered the place we were welcomed by a group of caucasian diners whom were about to leave and they were attracted by my fur babies, they said my babies are Teddy bears. 

Me and my "Teddy Bear" :-)

Honestly the night we visited was kinda warm, none a tiny bit of wind around us...and unfortunately  the bar wasn't equipped with a single fan. I suppose that's the only defect of < Don't Tell Mama's Ecobar >.

My "Germany football player"

In fact we were welcomed by these lovely house dogs once we entered the place, but my babies weren't too friendly to them thus they started to growl and being hostile towards my babies, and soon after they were warned and blocked by the staff and some of the regular diners. Henceforth they rather to rest and nap on the smooth and cooling sands.

This gentleman from England was one of the one who stopped the house dogs from growling to my babies, I suppose he's one of the regular customer of < Don't Tell Mama >. He's indeed super friendly and told us he is Dog Master :-)

He tried to communicate with Daisy, and it seems like Daisy likes him too <3

Then, he turned to baby Minnie, the most naughty and unfriendly girl who keeps barking at strangers as well as dogs. Surprisingly baby Minnie kept on staring at him but never barked nor growled at him.:-)

Baby Minnie gazed steadily at him...


Refreshing watermelon juice <3

My <100 plus > <3

Despite the warm and humid weather ( No fans ) everything is simply awesome and beautiful. 

The bar and cashier...Since it's a self-service Ecobar, diners need to order your foods and beverages at the bar, but at the moment < Don't Tell Mama > doesn't ready with their menu yet, all we can see the menu is from the wall behind the bar. 

This gentleman is one of the two owners of < Don't Tell Mama's Ecobar >, he is a friendly guy too :-)

Love the deco of the place :-)

Overwhelming majority diners are Caucasian instead of Asian :-)

Some of the deco..

Super relaxing atmosphere...

 Variety of seatings outdoor, ain't they awesome?

Awesome! There have an array of beach chairs in front of < Don't Tell Mama's Ecobar >, you may lie down on it and enjoy your beverage in the meanwhile after the dinner, look up to the night sky look up at the stars which you can barely see back in our hustle bustle city of living.

Very idle place for your foods or beverages..

To the toilet...

Some deco...

Okay, now our dinner is served...

Bon appetite everyone!

This is the legendary < Chicken Burger > of < Don't Tell Mama >, it's huge!

< Chicken Burger > ( Rm 20 ) is super huge...

It's not chicken meat patty but a thick slice of grill chicken meat.

My honey couldn't even had it with one bite, it's definitely very handful and mouthful >.<

My < Fish & Chips > ( Rm 25 ), they serve two type of Fish & Chip, one is like mine with grilled Salmon fish, another one is deep fried fish ( I forgot what type of fish ).

After dinner, we decided to lie down on the beach chairs leisurely for awhile before leaving. We would absolutely come back again next time earlier before sundown to have a different perception of the place. Hope it would be more windy next time. :-)

Don't Tell Mama's Ecobar
Cherating Village,
Cherating Beach,
Balok 26080,
Kuantan Pahang.
Opens noon until 12midnight. ( Monsoon season opens 5pm until 12mignight )
( Kitchen Closed at 10pm )

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