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Fascinating Seaview Restaurant Ah Low Cherating

This is the second time we have our dinner at < Restoran Ah Low 阿羅海鲜餐館 >. However the first time we didn't manage to dine in as it started to rain after we had ordered the foods, we had no choice but asked the chef to pack up the foods and took away. In fact the restaurant is roofed but we decided to take the outdoor seatings of our own accord instead to avoid causing any inconvenience to the restaurant owners due to we were bringing our fur kids and my furbies are quite barky and protective. 
We love the place because it's located at the beachside with an idle panoramic sea view and the foods are great. As a matter of fact outdoor seatings are rather nice with more windy and spacious.

A small tarred road that linked to the restaurant can be easily overlooked if you are slightly distracted. If you are from Kuantan heading Kemaman, after you pass the Legend Resort Cherating ( on your right-hand side ) there is a Petronas petrol station ( right-hand side too ), when you see Petronas petrol station you have to pay close attention and get ready to turn right into the small road as mentioned. There has < Restaurant Ah Low > signboard at the intersection of the road ( as shown from the picture above ). However if you are from Ruby's Resort ( Click Here )heading Kuantan, Restaurant Ah Low and Petronas will be on your left-hand side.

There is a kinda quiet and small road heading to < Restoran Ah Low > which is approximately 200m away.

Till the end of the road you are about to see < Restoran Ah Low > and a glance of the stunning sea views as well.

The restaurant is kinda isolated from the busy main road, I just love its atmosphere...

It was too early while I was taking these photos and it wasn't open yet, < Restoran Ah Low > is opened from 12:00noon until 11:00night. In fact we just on our car ride to survey the places, we didn't plan to dine in at noon as afternoon is quite warm to have our meal outdoor with our furbies. Thus we came back again in the evening before the sundown.

Yes, we are so lucky enough to have such nice and windy weather yet no rainy day while we were dining in...

The diners are very little, only a couple of Malay guys having their beverages leisurely at outdoor like us. However we did ask permission again from the boss with courtesy if we can bring our fur kids to dine in along, even though we've been bringing them once before. 

If you are bringing your furbies along, preferably to dine in early evening before sundown, as there would be too dark as no lightings for outdoor seatings. Nonetheless if you merely plan to have some beverages and chat with friends, then it would really awesome in the dark :-)

The Malay workers are attracted by my babies, they are friendly and keep on praising my babies, and even interview my babies' mommy as well about my babies :-)

Lee's family's welfie again as usual <3

Soups, meats, vegetables, seafoods....etc.

Variety of Chinese dishes..

Rices and noodles...

Western foods are available too..


My Mickey keeps looking around, and scolding whosoever run towards the beach and sea because he's so envy and wish to jump onto the beach and sea as

Awesome! We can have our dinner while a panoramic sea view is just right before our eyes.

This malay girl was terrified by Mickey at the beginning when Mickey suddenly barked at her, she even threw away a plate of crushed garlic from her hand. But eventually she can approach my babies with a smile. Poor girl, don't worry, my Mickey won't bite :-)

Yes, our dishes are being served...

Another family welfie again <3

Our < Iced Chinese Tea >

Having our family dinner leisurely while enjoying the fascinating sea view as well as soothing sea breeze. 

< Chili Prawn > ( Sambal Prawn ). Super freshy and big prawn.

< Lemon Chicken >

< Fu Yong Egg >

< Fried Veggie >

Not to forget my favourite < Chili Padi > :P

Mickey: Mommy, where's our dinner?

Mickey: Mommy, can we eat yet?

Minnie: Wow! The prawn is huge and fleshy! Are they for me???

Look at my Honey and Minnie's gluttonous look, they must be thinking why take so long to start eating...Lol~

No worries for my furbies, they have taken their chicken meals back at Ruby's Resort ( Click Here ) before coming. However we did ask for the kitchen to cook some chicken meats and carrots for my babies on the very first time we came to < Restoran Ah Low >, and the boss was kind enough to fulfil our special request. Nonetheless it still has to depend on the kitchen if they have enough ingredients on the following day, and of cause it is NOT free of charge. :P

After dinner, it's getting sundown....

Mickey: Mommy, where are you going?

You can also jump into the sea if you want

Hello kitty..

Okay, shall we go?

Leaving with full stomach :p

The parking place...

The atmosphere is awesome with all the beam of light..

The night has come....

Nice foods, nice views, nice atmosphere <3

Bye-bye, going back to Ruby's Resort ( Click Here ) with great satisfaction. Burp!

Great dinner with reasonable price <3

Restoran Ah Low
Bt 28, Kampung Cherating,
Jalan Kuantan Kemaman,
26080 Kuantan Pahang 
Tel: 0111-2915898 ( Elise ), 016-5012096
Open Hours: 12:00noon to 11:00night.

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