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For More Coffee @ Thats Coffee

< Thats Coffee > is a pet friendly cafe which situated in Malacca town, and it merely takes approximately 5 minutes drive to Jonker Walk and 10 minutes drive to the centre of shopping district. As a mother of my 3 clingy fur kids, I never stop searching places, hotels, eateries, cafes..etc which allow my fur babies to come along accompanying me for a meal or beverage without rushing back home. Basically I would rather take away the meals and bring back home to eat with my fur babies instead of leaving them home alone and crying for hours. 
There are getting more and more pet friendly cafe in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor district recently, however, to date, Malacca is yet one of the states that pet friendly cafe or eatery is rarely found. I do appreciate all these founders of the pet friendly venues allow us to enjoy our precious moments with our beloved furry ones, and I'm looking forward for more and more to be opened in the near future. :-)

The cafe is located on the 2nd floor. It was raining cats and dogs at the night we reached there. We had no way to get off the car especially when we were carrying 3 furry passengers along. We had parked and waited inside the car for about 30 minutes until the rain stops, but the rain didn't seem like stopping anyway. Nonetheless we still didn't want to quit our plan to have our dinner there, thus once the rain seemed like getting a little lighter we got off the car with umbrella in a flash. Most importantly my baby didn't get wet. :-)

We were heading to the second floor...

There are some lovely wall stickers along the staircase. I like the zebra sticker <3

You can have a glance of the cafe's name < Thats Coffee > on the yellow wall at 2nd floor..

< Thats Coffee >

The entrance of the cafe...

Perhaps it was due to the heavy rain, there has not many diners upon our arrival. There was merely one other table occupied besides us.

Daisy: Wow! Mommy, do we occupy the entire cafe?

A lovely corner of the cafe..

Lovely stickers and some travel photographs...I suppose the cafe owner must be a travel buff like me and my hubby, awesome :-)

It would be more warmer and cozy feel if this corner can be decorated to be a fire place..Sorry, it's simply my eccentric notion, no offence >.<

Christmas is around the corner....I would be more loving it if the christmas tree can be taller and bigger :-)

Love your quote....Live, Laugh, Love <3

Many different type of seats for your choice :-)

Love the polka dot stool cushions <3

Cozy corner to enjoy your meals and beverages with friends and family...

Some creative decorations..

Lol~So many furry friends are hiding here :-)

Cute cushions again...

Self-service corner...all of the hot coffee served are without sugar, to those who want some sugar adding, please be my guest :-)


Mmmm...forgot to ask what these tiny dolls are all about....Selling? Display only? Must be some meaningful things :-)

Very creative christmas tree <3

Some lovely illuminations...

While looking to the rainy street scene outside the window, it makes the lighting looks even warmer and cozy inside...

Since it has not many dinners on a rainy night, we could easily choose a cozy corner which is rather isolated ( To stay afar from others since my babies are too aggressive and barky sometimes ) >.<

Daisy: Mommy, can I ask daddy to order my meal and drinks?

My beautiful Daisy has a lovely backdrop of the cafe :-)

Mommy and my two naughty kids ( one clingy girl Minnie and one barky boy Mickey ).

Hot Coffee for coffee addicts..

Ice Coffee...Do try Thats Coffee signature < Coffee Cubee >, it's suitable for coffee beginners. 

Non Coffee Beverages...


Soda Drinks...

Foods...Spaghetti, Pizza and Sandwiches..

The Pocket ( When roti paratha meet new friends ) fascinating, must try out next time :-)

Finger foods...


My 3 lovely kids, Mickey, Minnie & Daisy <3

3 busy body kids kept on eyeing the cafe staffs while they were decorating the Christmas Tree...

My most well-behaved girl Daisy, stayed quietly in her special seat :-)



Posing for some photos while awaiting the foods and beverages to be served :-)

The bill bottle, so creative <3

My honey's < Cappuccino > ( Rm 9.00 )

My < Coffee Cubee > ( Rm 13.00 )

I'm not a coffee lover since always, but this Thats Coffee's signature < Coffee Cubee > really attracted me with its description on the menu...< If you don't like bitter, Coffee Cubee is for the beginner to start coffee..>, thus, I wanna give it a try :-)

Just pour the milk into the glass where the coffee cubes are sitting :P

Stir and it is! < Coffee Cubee >

Mmmm...The taste of < Coffee Cubee > is just perfect to me, for a beginner to start a coffee it's not too bitter yet not too sweet. It's so aromatic and the texture is smooth and creamy while it flows into your mouth and throat. Most importantly I love cold drinks...Yes, I started to like coffee...but not hot coffee. :-)

Kept enjoying my < Coffee Cubee >

What a lovely ambience with my lovely kids <3

I love this little corner :-)

Look how happy are my babies :-) 

Honey enjoys his cappuccino <3

< Spaghetti Carbonara Bacon > ( Rm 15.00 ), it tastes good.

Bon Appétit :-)

Sorry babies, you guys can't eat this :P

Honey: Are you taking my picture? :P

Daisy: Daddy, may I take a sip of your coffee?

< Chicken Pizza > ( Rm 25.00 )


My man and the decorative lights, so romantic :P

Daisy, what are you looking at?

Me and my 3 babies <3

Our happy family dining :-)

The rain has stopped...more diners to dine in...

Honey and Daisy <3

Expression of satisfaction? Lol~ In fact we were too full to finish the pizza, hence we decided to take away instead :P

Daisy is totally worn out, falls asleep so soundly in her carrier...

Another cozy corner to enjoy your coffee or meal, and of course for photography :P

Please bear with me, I just love taking photos regardless of my babies, my honey, myself and the surroundings..Lol


P/S: < That's Coffee > has been closed down in March 2016 for months long renovation and reopen on 18th July 2016 with its new name as < Exclusive Coffee ( Click Here )>

Thats Coffee
57-1, Jalan KL ⅜
Taman Kota Laksamana Sek 3
Tel: 06-2813816

Business Hours-
Mon to Sun 14:00pm-18:00pm & 20:00pm-01:00am 

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