Wednesday, 25 November 2015

The Little Furry Greeter @ Petto Cafe

< Petto Cafe > is a lovely pet friendly cafe which is situated at Damansara Utama, Pj Selangor, where, there is always a super friendly cute little furry boy comes to greet you at the doorway. His name is Gingy, the little greeter of Petto Cafe.

Since the day I visited was the opening day of the cafe, thus no menu to be served. Only few dishes and beverages were available on the very day. :-)

However the time we arrived there was a little bit late, thus the opening event was over and the diners weren't too many as well. 

Lol~ I've got you Gingy, the little furry greeter :-)

Lol~I have 3 little brown bears <3

Gingy the little furry greeter is simply too adorable :-)

Love you baby Gingy :-)

Haha..Baby Gingy and baby Minnie, two sour-faced babies..please smile a little babies :-)

These babies hate taking photos I

Awww...Gingy is kissing me <3

Did I tell you I really love sniffing poodles? you know!

Baby Gingy, even you've been busying all day long welcoming and serving customer but you still smell good :-)

3 busy body babies >.<

Babies are distracted but mommy isn't...

Mickey: Hey Gingy, did you just fart?
Gingy: No! I did not!
Mickey: But you butt is facing me!

Gingy: Mommy, just now Mickey bully me! He said I farted but I didn't! :P

Minnie: Hey who are you? Why my mommy keeps petting you?

Mickey: Mommy, you don't love me anymore?

Baby Minnie and Gingy's mommy, the owner of the cafe :-)

Finally mommy can take picture with all my 3 babies :-)

Mickey & Daisy...

What are you looking at Daisy?

Daisy and daddy :-)

As usual, Daisy loves staying inside her comfort zone :-)

Yeah! Finally our meals are served. Since it was the opening, there is no menu to be served thus I can't have more info about the menu :-)

Bon Appétit <3

My honey's < Fish & Chip

My < Fried Salmon Steak >, I like this :-)

Coffee ice cream

< Petto Signature >

Baby Gingy came by to ask for my dehydrated jerky. Look at that cute little face, how can I not give him more? 
( P:S: All pawrents who want to feed other fur kids with your own foods or treats kindly acquire permission from their pawrents beforehand. As some fur kids may have allergies on certain foods )

Awwww...what a pleasure meeting this chubby cutie pie, Lucas :-)

Awww...ain't he lovable? Can't stop squeezing him and cuddling him. As one of the pawrent said he just like a bolster. <3 <3 <3

Look at Lucas's cute expression, love you baby <3

Taking photo with Gingy's pawrents, the cafe owners as Gingy is exactly 10th months old on the  very day :-)

Posing in front of Gingy's customised wall sticker :-)

All fur kids are allowed to walk freely in the cafe ( as long as not making trouble on other diners and being supervised at all time ) but please make sure you put on a diaper/ belly band for them, as fur kids may do marking thing at new surroundings even though they are potty trained especially male fur kids. 
Last but not least, my apologies to Gingy's mommy that I have forgotten to do so while I put Mickey on the ground for photography, thus before I realised Mickey was already lifted his legs and do the marking thing on the cafe stools. I felt bad about this, although Mickey is potty trained yet he'll do such embarrassing thing either. It was mommy's bad for not putting on the diaper for him. >.<


Petto Cafe 
3M Jalan SS21/1A
Damansara Utama
Petaling Jaya Selangor
Tel: 017-8811129

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