Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Fur Babies' 2016 Monkey New Year Eve Dinner 毛寳貝2016猴年年夜菜

This 2016 year of Monkey,  I've cooked 2 dishes for my babies' lunar new year eve dinner. It was < Broccoli & Carrot Chicken Egg Roll ( Click Here ) > and < Mix Veggie Chicken Meat Ball ( Click Here ) >.
今年2016 猴年寳貝們的年夜菜,我煮了《 西蘭花和红蘿蔔雞肉蛋券 (點擊菜譜 ) 》 和 《 雜菜雞肉丸點擊菜譜 ) 》。

One for Mickey, one for Minnie and one for Daisy.

My babies love it so much.

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