Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Recipe: Broccoli & Carrot Chicken Egg Roll 西蘭花&红蘿蔔雞肉蛋券


( Portion for one single roll )

1 bowl Chicken meat ( minced )
30g Pumpkin ( steamed and peeled )
30g Broccoli or Carrot ( chopped )
2 Eggs ( beaten )
Olive oil / Coconut oil

1 碗雞胸肉 (攪碎)
30g 南瓜 (蒸熟去皮)
30g 西蘭花 或 紅蘿蔔 (攪碎)
2 蛋 (打散)
橄欖油/ 椰子油


1.  Heat up the pan with a little oil.
2. Turn medium heat and pour in the beaten eggs.
3. Slowly spread the eggs over the pan evenly until 80-90% cooked with low heat. Off the stove. Put aside to cool.

1. 用少许油燒熱平底鍋。
2. 轉中火倒入打散的雞蛋。
3. 平均鋪滿整個鍋面以慢火煎至8-9分熟。拿起待冷。

4. Spread over evenly the mixture of the chicken minced meat, chopped broccoli / carrot and pumpkin paste on the fried eggs ( avoid the edge ). 
5. Gently roll it to avoid the eggs split apart. 
6. Apply some leftover beaten egg on the edge of the roll to seal them up.

4. 把所有餡料攪勻鋪平均在蛋皮上面。別鋪滿,留下1寸左右的邊緣。
5. 小心綣起蛋券。
6. 用剩下的蛋液來封蛋券邊緣。

7. Send to steamer to steam for about 10-15 minutes
7. 放入蒸爐蒸10-15分鐘

8. Place to cool before cutting into 1-2 inches slices.
8. 放冷再把它切成1-2寸厚片。

The < Broccoli and Carrot Chicken Egg Roll > are ready to be served.

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