Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Have Your Exclusive Coffee With Your Furry

< Exclusive Cofee > formerly known as < That's Coffee ( Click Here )> since Oct 2014, it's been closed down in March 2016 for months long renovation and reopen on 18th July 2016 with its new name as < Exclusive Coffee >. It is a pet friendly cafe which situated in Malacca town, and it merely takes approximately 5 minutes drive to Jonker Walk and 10 minutes drive to the centre of shopping district. 

As usual, Mickey, Minnie & Daisy become the regular guests of Exclusive Coffee as well.^^

The very first thing to do every time I come to any cafe with my babies is not ordering foods, but taking selfie..lol~ Hope all the cafe owner and crews please bear with me ya :P

Every corner of the < Exclusive Coffee > has good spot for photography. 

My happy girls, Daisy and Minnie❤

Happy girl Daisy :)

The sisters..

My outgoing boy Mickey❤

Minnie's eyes are always on mommy..hehe!

Minnie on the "brick" pillow >.<

Daddy and the babies.

They have slightly changed some of the interior designs and decorations after renovation.

The green leafy houseplant corner. They do enhance the cozy and eye caring feel of the cafe.

Table that can accommodate rather large group of diners.

Seasonings corner, get a dash of seasoning to enhance the flavour of your food and beverage.

I really love the decors and the cozy feel of the < Exclusive Coffee >, it made me feel at home. It's not only a great place to hang out with good friends, it's also a comfy place for couples and family to have some quality time and enjoy some good coffees and refreshments in the meanwhile. Besides, the crew is very friendly and attentive, he serves us with a big warm smile at all times.

The house rule of < Exclusive Coffee > for all dog owners and guests whom wish to touch the dog resident. Please comply them at all times to avoid any unpleasant situation.

The menu is on the wall, interesting.

Our foods and beverages are served..

< Cappucino > ( Rm 9.00 ) for my honey and < Coffee Cubee > ( Rm 13.00 ) for me.

My favourite < Coffee Cubee >, I'll order it every time I come here.

After pouring the warm milk into the coffee ice cubes. So fragrant and creamy.

< Red/ White Dog with Bacon > ( Rm 13.00 ). Two option of sauces Balognese and Carbonara sauce, yummylicious.

We picked the bolognese sauce.

The vegetables.

I always too busy taking photos..hehe.

My boy and girls are busy watching around.

Taking photos again...

Daisy: Can I have a sip of your coffee? >.<

Mickey & Minnie: Daddy is so mean, he doesn't even give us a bite of that yummy foods.

Our comfy corner of the cafe..

I love to sit at the cozy window seat especially during raining day. I still can recall the very 1st time I visited < Exclusive Coffee >, formerly known as < That's Coffee ( Click Here )>, it was a rainy night somewhere around December, with the christmas tree lighted up next to us, so romantic, warm and cozy feel. 

Family photo.

Me and my 3 Disney babies, Mickey, Minnie and Daisy.

Disney's Babies, Mickey, Minnie and Daisy.

Daisy kisses daddy.

Ain't the decors of the cafe look lovely? 

Daisy: I thought I saw 2 pussy cats..hehe

My model Daisy.

It's my boy Mickey's turn to be mommy's model.

Daisy and daddy.

Can you spot my family? Hehehe!

My Disney's Babies.

Tiny Minnie and the giant Postbox..haha!

My baby Minnie always good in posing to mommy's camera. 

What are you guys looking at, babies?

Three little guests in the cafe.

My meddlesome Disney's babies.

What makes you look so surprise baby?

Every little thing and decor in < Exclusive Cafe > really enhances the loveliness and cozy feel.

Mickey and mommy.

Minnie and mommy.

Daisy and mommy.

The couch is so comfortable..

Even Daisy feels doze off on the comfy couch...

Are you taking my photos, mommy?

Daddy and the kids.

The clingy girl Minnie, wants to be carried at all time...

Exclusive Coffee
57-1, Jalan KL ⅜,
Taman Kota Laksamana Sek 3,
Malaysia MY.
Tel: 012-3632338

Business Hour-
Monday to Sunday 2:00pm-1:00am daily 

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