Carol Hunts Foods 阿红猎食行动

Hunting for fine Foods absolutely one of my huge interests. I love eating and I'm willing to try something new. Any opening of new restaurant, cafe or stall is gonna makes my vigor thoroughly restored. Wherever I go, looking for unique, authentic or novelty place of delicacy is the major matter to me regardless of being local or abroad. 
Nevertheless my views of foods perhaps not an overwhelming majority's opinion, hence my statements given are just a personal preferences and for source reference.

Earth & Sky Observatory Tour To Astro Cafe  Mt John
Mountain Goats Cafe, Fox Glacier NZ
Breathtaking In Award Winning Matheson Cafe , Fox Glacier NZ
Cook Saddle Cafe And Saloon, Fox Glacier NZ
Hello Kitty Silver Bell Cafe Otaru 银の钟一号馆
Be Famous In New Zealand- Sophie's Cafe
Restaurant Michal In Historical Prague, Czech Republic
The Smell Of Toilet In Taipei 台北便所主题餐厅
Sweet Speech Of White Lover Hokkaido White Lover 北海道 "白い恋人"
American Hotties In Bangkok-Krispy Kreme Doughnuts
The Awesome Waffle In Bangkok
Siam Paragon Food Hall In Bangkok
Renowned Beach Road Prawn Mee House  Singapore 新加坡驰名美芝律大虾面
Celebrity Chai Chee Prawn Noodle Singapore 新加坡名人莱市大虾面
Township Of Omarama New Zealand- The Merino Country 
Patagonia Chocolates Ice-Cream In Arrowtown New Zealand
合记林珍香 @ China Town, Bangkok
Papaya Milk Smoothie 北回木瓜牛奶
Cooling Coconut Ice-Cream @ Jatujak, Bangkok
Fragrant Fresh Coffee @ China Town Bangkok 
Cosy Atmosphere @ Arrow Cafe, Arrowtown New Zealand
Sour & Spicy Mango Slices @ Jatujak Bangkok
Taipei Chengdu Starfruit Smoothie 台北成都杨桃冰
51 Soya Bean Curd, Singapore 新加坡滑溜溜豆花
Bangkok Chinatown Relish Kuay Teow Moo 
Singapore Holland Village X.O. Fish Head Bee Hun 荷兰村XO鱼头米粉
Exotic Buffet Lunch On Cruise, Milford Sound NZ
Special Coconut Sweet Corn Slices @ Jatujak Bangkok.
Bangkok Hunting Kuay Teow Moo By Riding Tut Tut
Ximending Taipei Xiao Tang Bao 西門町小虹水饺小汤包
FragrantCrisp Shrimp & Crab @ Dansui, Taiwan

Juicy Boneless Drumstick Chicken Chop 無骨雞腿排 @ Dansui, Taiwan
Assorted Super Long Ice-Cream @ Dansui Taiwan
Grass Jelly With Granulated Brown Sugar @ Jatujak, Bangkok
Special Fresh Coconut Ice-Cream @ Sea View Lookout Koh Samui, Bangkok
Roasted Stuffed Chicken Wings With Fried Rice @ Shihfen Taiwan 十分溜哥燒烤雞翅包飯
美味堡 Good Morning Brunch, Taipei Taiwan
台灣九份悲情城市 Sorrowful City,  Jiufen Taiwan
ARK Bar Beach Club, Chaweng Koh Samui

Celebrate Seremban Barbecued Crab 驰名芙蓉烧蟹
Restoran Teluk Pulai (Claypot) Bah Kut Teh 直落玻璃瓦煲肉骨茶
Eat All You Can Restoran Talipon 任你吃-电话饭店
Chef Liew 廖师傅沙煲辣汤之家
你吃"宝宝"了吗? Restaurant Bao Bao
Dip And Drip, Baskin Robbins
笼的传人 Dragon-i
Huang Chang Chicken Rice Restaurant 煌昌海南鸡饭
40th Yers Grandpa'sCurry Puff 四十年历史阿公咖喱卜
Restaurant Aunty Fatso 夜来香海鲜家( 大肥嫂 )
Restaurant Fong Keow (Pottery) Bah Ku Teh 凤娇瓦(煲肉)骨茶
Tango Durian & Mango @ JustBerry
Down To Earth G.W Dim Sum World 扑实的点心世界
Yeast Pastry House Malacca 马六甲伊士多面包 菓子工房
Teo Chew Bah Ku Teh 喜德潮州肉骨茶馆
Restaurant Lu Yeh Yen, Alternative Shrine 露夜园海鲜酒家, 也是寺庙
Restaurant Zu Chuan 祖传面粉糕专卖店
Tanjung Mee Goreng Malacca 马六甲辣椒炒面
Batu Berendam Coconut Shake Malacca 
Absolute Pet Friendly Kalamazoo Restaurant & Cafe
Pet Friendly Lilo Art Cafe With Pet's Menu 
Pet Friendly Tokyo Yakiniku 东京烧烤館
Pet Friendly Tokyo Yakiniku 东京烧烤館 ( Part 2 VIP Room )
Little Furry Greeter @ Petto Cafe 小小毛孩招待員

More Coffee @ Thats Coffee 寵物咖啡廳

For Your Cubs & Your Cups 小犬与杯

Have An Exclusive Coffee With Your Fur Kids

Don't Tell Mama

Restaurant Ah Low, Cherating


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