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Me and my honey, should have known within our families, friends as well as acquaintances, as a happy couple, enjoying life, love traveling, love freedom and have a same will of not having child. The life of being two was the perfect living style we desire the most, not having any child is great enough for us to take off anywhere we like in anytime. However our life changed ever since my sweetie pie, Mickey ( Click Here ), has came into our life, he is a reddish dark brown miniature poodle. He was a gift from my honey during our 11th ROM Anniversary, and he was merely 7 weeks when I first met him. He was tiny, sweet and adorable. I could barely left him from my sight ever since I saw him and so couldn't him, he's a mommy boy, he loves stick to me wherever I go. I love him dearly. In fact we have had brought back a German Shepherd, Oscar, practically a year before Mickey. Oscar was 4 months old when he came home. Since he's a large breed as well as guard dog, we built his own "Mansion" in our garden. He is very fierce to strangers, but a very obedient to us the family members. Since he used to be so independent ( not sleeping with us on bed like Mickey ), hence I would be left him at ease for my father to take care during our outings or travels. Somehow it became a harsh time to leave my sweetie pie, Mickey, to my father whenever we are away from home, he has very serious separate anxiety as me. I would cry and cry on my entire journey thinking of Mickey, hence me and my honey have decided to lessen our travel in the future despite we are travel lovers.
In this page, I would like to introduce my beloved family members in addition to my honey, who has been always shown up in my post. Here they are, Oscar, the fierce and obedient German Shepherd and Mickey ( Click Here ), the playful and passionate mommy boy Miniature Poodle.

Family Photo

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On 26th Jan 2013, a 2-month-young baby girl has became a new member in our family. She is a dark brown Miniature Poodle girl, same breed as Mickey. She is so adorable and tiny as Mickey's babyhood or even tinier. Now I'm an extremely busy full time mommy, guess me and my honey would have lessen and lessen our traveling plans, however all sacrifices we have done for them are so worth it. ^^ 
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